red white and Zeeblue intro and guide to the doctor himself by nightmarex334

red white and Zeeblue intro and guide to the doctor himself

By: nightmarex334
Last Updated: Jan 3, 2015
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Introduction Top

Hello everyone I am ESV.Nightmare role filler for ESV.Tempest usually specializing in Specialists, Assassins, and Warriors so please look forward to more guides i'm also a a consistent streamer over at

Intro To The Witch Doctor Top

Nazeebo is a very strong ranged specialist excelling out putting consistent damage through his passive Voodoo Ritual as well as burst damage from the rest of his abilitys. Hes also very good at pushing and defending due to the fact that Zombie Wall not only stops units but if placed under a tower will burn ammo as the tower will attack it. On top of all that his ult Ravenous Spirit has one of the highest AOE damages but is easy to stop.

Ability Breakdown Top

Corpse Spiders are very good consistent damage as well as bush/smoke checkers as they not only give initial vision but provide lasting vision for the duration of the spiders. Very hard to land on moving targets as the animation to get to where you throw it takes a bit, try throwing ahead to not only try to get the landing damage but the actual spiders to help dismount/attack your target.

Zombie Wall is an amazing zoning tool as well as an amazing pushing/defending tool allowing you use it to block minions before they get to tower during laning phase and clear them or using them to help burn tower shots as towers will prioritize them over heroes.

Toads are very good burst damage if you can land them on a target close to you alternatively good as a dismounting tool when disengaging as they cover a blanketed area. Very good when added into your burst.

Ravenous Spirit is one of the highest AOE damaging ability if the full channel is achieved. Try to position around/behind walls to try to give your enemy a hard time to stop it, also try to position behind your team as much as you can when your ready to ult but sometimes you just get that perfect ult.

Voodoo Ritual is Nazeebo's Passive does damage over time whenever you basic attack or land an ability very good consistent damage, on top of that it gives health and mana when a minion or hero is killed during its duration. Also when talented with Death Ritual permanently gives 5 health and 3 mana so farm up those minions early.


Without ULT
Zombie Wall --> Plague of Toads --> Corpse Spiders

With ULT
Zombie Wall --> Corpse Spiders --> Ravenous Spirit

Talent Breakdown Top

Level 1

Blood Ritual While interesting Blood Ritual is just no where near as good as the other available options, while providing a lot of lane sustain later in the game it holds no purpose.

Death Ritual This is by far the best talent in this tier gives the standard health and mana regen while adding permanent health and mana when ever you kill something with your passive on it scaling you into mid/late game really nicely.

Demolitionist While good for pushing Demolitionist again doesn't scale into late game like death ritual does.

Bribe Honestly Bribe is just not good on Nazeebo compared to a Falstad or Brightwing you just don't have the mobility to properly abuse it and you clear camps just fine on your own.

Level 4

Spider Cluster Spider cluster is okay for a constant damage or push onto a tower but is pretty much useless later in the game as it takes time to spawn the spiders and they are very slow when chasing people.

Gathering Power BEST TALENT EVER, seriously Gathering Power is a little ridiculous 8% base ability power with stacking ability power if you even touch someone scaling into your ult and other abilitys very nicely.

Envenom This talent is also a good alternative if you are not confident in your ability to stay alive. Envenom is a reliable source of damage throughout the game.

Promote No, just NO, after the nerf to Promote it is just completely not worth to take unless you are a Abathur/Azmodan and even then it's iffy.

Level 7

Gidbinn This talent is very good as it makes your basic abilitys (Q,W,E) last longer and your E's explosion radius.

Fresh Corpses While the damage is nice on the zombie wall that is completely dependent on your landing it and them not being able to get out I.E Vault and Run and Gun.

Mercenary Lord A good alternative to Gidbinn especially for SoloQ Merclorded giants and knights will wreak havoc on the chaos driven SoloQ.

Calldown: MULE Good for most other people not worth it at all on Nazeebo.

Clairvoyance Just really no point in taking this on Nazeebo, you can check bushed and get vision with spiders and toads.

Level 10

Gargantuan Good ult if your talent gated.

Ravenous Spirit By far the best choice for his ult, you put out so much AOE damage if you position correctly and can choose the right people to sick it on.

Level 13

Dead Rush While it is hilarious not much use for this talent.

Toads Of Hugeness Interesting choice sadly toads moves way to slow to make use of this.

Sprint This is one of the best options on this tier due to the fact it lets you re-position for either a ult or after a ult to get back in the fight.

Ice Block Decent choice but if your willing to use this means your in a bad position to start with.

Rewind A good alternative to Sprint, but I still think sprint reigns supreme.

Level 16

Specialized Toxin This is by far the best talent choice for this tier because of ult and autos applying this to people does HUGE damage.

Leaping Spiders This is another good choice for this tier it makes spider damage consistent and reliable.

Infested Toads This talent is okay but not worth in comparison to the other options.

Stoneskin Okay if your really having trouble with positioning and surviving fights.

Level 20

Swift Storm Funny talent for running through teams but not really worth beyond that.

Bolt Of The Storm Okay talent for this tier if again you really have trouble with positioning.

Humongoid If you do go Gargantuan take this 100%.

Annihilating Take this pretty much 100% of the time it's just so good its almost incomparable.

Match ups Top

Match Ups To Worry About

Tyrael is a threat to Nazeebo due to Cast Aside and Judgment but unlike with Stitches you can use ult to bait him into your team and punish it with a kill on him. Unlike Stitches there's not much you can do vs Tyrael to stop him from stopping your ult besides holding it till his ult is down you can however make him ult you over a wall and pull him out of the fight from his team and sprint in and start going ham with your team.

Stitches is here because of Hook and Pulverize making Stitches a very real threat to the Nazeebo way of life. You can Zombie Wall around yourself to stop him from being able to Hook you, But other than that you want to make sure you are positioning far enough behind your team to be able to Ult but be far enough away from Stitches so he has to get into a bad position to either Slam or Hook you.

What makes Zagara a Threat to Nazeebo is Devouring Maw the only thing she has that can stop your ult, other that that she puts out high damage on stationary targets so make sure you're positioned behind your team to stop Banelings and make it hard for her to hyrdra/Muta you. But on the other hand as long as you are not stacked on anyone and she is Mawing you it is a waste of her ult and not worth for the position she should have to get to to pull it off.

What Makes Tychus a Danger to Nazeebo is Frag Grenade being able to stop your ult at range and if he takes Quarterback making it safer for him to grenade you and stop your ult, but in order to do this without quaterback he needs to get really close so tell your team to keep an eye out!

What Makes Sonya a danger to Nazeebo is Leap and Ancient Spear not only can she stop your ult but she can put out the damage to finish you off if you don't sprint away. In order to deal with this make sure you position behind your team so she cant Spear you and so if she leaps in she can be burnt by the rest of your team.

What makes Uther one of the biggest dangers to Nazeebo is Sprint and Hammer of Justice as well as Divine Storm and on top of that even if you kill him hes able to come at you as a ghost and still interrupt your ult. Make sure you keep and eye on the enemy Uthers position and see if you can hold your ult till hes gone gone.

What makes Brightwing such a nuisance to Nazeebo is Polymorph with the combination of Pixie Dust and the recent rise of Emerald Wind making ulting near her very annoying but unlike Uther you can just kill her then ult.

General Strategies Top

Early Game

Nazeebo's early game is mostly pushing/defending depending on the map/lane match-up he also excels at clearing merc/coin/skull/plant camps for the most part your want to stack up your Death Ritual as much early to head into the mid game with a good health/mana pool.

Mid Game

Your Mid game is when you have your ults and is when you really start to shine as a Hero, make sure you are thinking about where you are ulting from and who your chasing with it, be sure to be in a position where you can re-position and put out damage when your ult is over.

Late Game

Nazeebo becomes one of the best late games as soon as you get that 20 talent and can Ult from far away you can start getting very creative with how you position and can chase down almost anyone. You can also take forts, keeps, whatever is left on the map very easily due to your kit and are a very strong pusher with your team behind you.

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