Reghar Competitive Support Build by RottenOni

Reghar Competitive Support Build

By: RottenOni
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2015
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Build: Wolf Powerhouse

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Talent Discussion Top

1: Reghar is the only hero (right now) that can take Healing Totem (an alternative Healing Ward) at level 1. It therefore outshines any other talent at this tier.

4: Farsight is all-round good utility. Revealing any area on the map can give your team a huge advantage preparing for fights, scouting out the enemy team or anticipating movement. The only other option there is at this tier is Feral Heart but it's basically a weakened combo of Regeneration Master and Conjurer's Pursuit

7: Earth Shield is your first big upgrade when it comes to keeping your allies alive and catching bursts. It also allows you to take small jungle camps. I never take any other trait at this level because it is crucial for team support when contesting objectives before lvl 10.

10: Ancestral Healing is the ability with the highest single target heal in the game. I see absolutely no reason to take Bloodlust when you are building Reghar as a support. Do not get greedy and wait until your ally is on 10% HP to get more healing out, because with the delay it has, you'll find yourself missing out on the heal quite often.

13: This was the trickiest talent before. Healing Surge used to be my go-to talent at this tier, until I started experimenting with Feral Lunge. This talent is great for finishing off squishies like Valla and Nova and adds some extra mobility to this character. Pure. Awesomeness.

16: Blood for Blood is a talent I can't ever advise against. If you want a harder CC then just another slow, Earthgrasp Totemis definately a viable choice here.

20: While I previously was a big fan of Farseer's Blessing, I currently find myself using Storm Shield about 99% of the time. The shield isn't as big as the AoE heal you could get out from Farseer's Blessing, but you can at least pre-cast it (because shields add on top of HP bars). Rewind feels like a greedy option, but could work if you have a Tyrande or something that gets Storm Shield at 20. I would advise to let her take Rewind then though.

Extra info Top

If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to pm me.
If you want to play with me (currently looking for more team members as well), pm me so I can add you ingame.

I also stream occasionally:

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