Rehgar Life insurance (What to pick and why) by marre2788

Rehgar Life insurance (What to pick and why)

By: marre2788
Last Updated: Jul 16, 2015
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A Quick word Top

With this build i generally go roughly 25-1 in Hero League, as Rehgar have great mobility and strong heals you can in most cases survive even if you are jumped by the entire enemy team (Unless you get stunned straight away).

The general idea is to not even consider looking at dealing damage, leave that for your team.

Rule of thumb, is to always try to have your team as a wall between yourself and the enemy while you stay in the backround and keep your friends topped up as much as you can.

Early Game Talents Top

Start off with the spiritwalkers grace talent to decrease the manacost of Chain Heal as Rehgar has quite a low manapool to begin with.

You could argue that the healing totem would be useful yes, however for reactive healing it's better to not make use of static healing areas as these can be countered easily by heroes displacing you (Think Stitches, Diablo, Raynor etc.

For the second talent, pick up Chain Reaction which will help with a small burstheal early on in the game and later, it's almost to as potent as Ancestral Healing if used in a combo with Lightning Shield.

Early Game Laning Top

As Rehgar can be quite weak early game due to low manapool and long cooldowns, try to conserve mana for as long as you can. If your lanepartner get's attacked, ofcourse you should try to help him out.

Try to position yourself so that you can easily get in and drop a Earthbind Totem to slow the advance if the enemies at the same time healing your partner if needed. If your mana runs low, do not be afraid of using the fountain to just get mana back if you are low on it, but havn't taken any damage. The reasoning behind this is, that without mana Rehgar is just pretty much a bigger and stronger lanecreep.

Mid Game Talents Top

For your third talent, pick up EITHER Earth Shield OR Cleanse.
This is in my oppinion a very situational talent tier.

But a rule of thumb I try to follow is, more than 1 hard disable* on the enemy team - Cleanse
only 1 hard disable* or less - Earth Shield

Cleanse can save your team quite easily, relatively short cooldown, instantly removes any loss of control on a character, which causes heroes like Brightwing to be alot weaker in a teamfight than he could be.

For the Ultimate, pick up Ancestral Healing, it's a VERY potent lifesaver and teamfight changer.

Bloodlust is good on paper for pushing, but consider this: Dead heroes do not benefit from 40% attack speed.

* - stuns, Polymorphs or anything that causes loss of control. (I.E - Slows are not counted)

Mid Game Laning/Pushing Top

As you probably realize by now, Rehgar's strength is not in his damage, not his ability to push.

But what to do if there is no enemies, your team takes no damage and you just push?

Well, what I belive is a good thing to do is go ahead of your team until you meet up a creepwave.
Put Lightning Shield on yourself and soften up them pesky little creeps for the rest of your team.

If the enemy is the ones pushing or you are being counterpushed on the same lane?
Prepare yourself for a teamfight, and stay behind your team and combo up your heals with Earth Shield, drop an Earthbind Totem infront of the enemies if you are chasing them or drop it infront of yourself if they are chasing you.

Remember to make use of Ghost Wolf as this have a very low cooldown and no channeling time.

Late Game Talents Top

For the last three talents, there is not much room for fiddling around.

Pick up Healing Surge - Reason being that 25% increased healing AND Healing another target is great in teamfights.

After that, here we can have either Tidal Waves or Earthgrasp Totem.

3 seconds reduced cooldown on Chain Heal doesn't sound that much, but in a teamfight it could easily be the gamechanger you need to win a game.

When it comes to Earthgrasp Totem, that too can be a gamechanger but in the sense you and your entire team got away or you made sure that your team caught up with a very skilled Illidan player as an example.

Myself, I prefer to go for Tidal Waves.

Late Game General Top

By now atleast one side should have an open base, ready to be knocked down.
Follow your team, and pick up camps if you can and when enemies show themselves, stay behind your team and use them as a wall between yourself and the enemy. But remember to keep your buddies alive!

If you end up being jumped in the forest and you go down quickly, combo yourself with Lightning Shield, Chain Heal drop an Earthbind Totem and Ghost Wolf away quickly.

If you feel you are dangerously low or the enemy team has perhaps a Nova ready with her ultimate - heal yourself up with Ancestral Healing aswell to make sure you get out of the fray with full HP.

Objectives/Teamfights Top

Once objectives start to pop up on the map (I will use Cursed Hollow as an example troughout this guide), make sure you are very reactive. Do not forget to make sure your lanepartner understands this and starts to back away and also move towards the objectives when they appear on the map. Rehgar is a really good reactive hero seeing as he can take damage without loosing Ghost Wolf and can move around the map pretty easy.

Remember that you are the teams support, so do not attempt to cap the tribute without having your team there.
Preferably, stick to keeping your mates alive by using Chain Heal+ Lightning Shield combo on people that are being bursted down. Due to the activation time on Ancestral grace use this on people that are low, but are not bursted down (YET).

try to have your team between you and the enemies unless you have Earthbind Totem off cooldown and are planning on popping it in the teamfight to help your team to decrease the movement of your enemies, which helps for Jaina and Kael'thas to land their timed AoE spells, but also it can help your teammates get away for a few seconds giving you time to heal them so they can head back into the fight and secure the objective.

If you are on the side initiating a team fight, pop Lightning Shield on the Tank, and wait for your opportunities to heal. If you have played World of Warcraft, then you probably know about the term Overhealing. Try to make every heal count, if multiple targets are going low, Put Lightning Shield on one if you have the Earth Shield talent. And continue to pop Chain Heal on another and if needed, use Ancestral Healing on a third. But remember, if you are being caught in the team fight, keep yourself alive aswell, a dead healer cannot keep his team up.

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