Rehgar ManaSafe - Dedicated Heal by ZOLY

Rehgar ManaSafe - Dedicated Heal

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2015
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Build: ManaSafe - ShieldSpam

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Introduction Top

__________________________This Guide is for what the Title says it is._________________________
I cant tell that will work 100%, because enemy team and your team performance means a lot... always!

Explanation Top

Tier 1 : with the mana reduction you can stay in the fights longer and keep teammates up.
Tier 2 : You can heal much more and earlyer with your basic heal ability.
Note : Be carefull to heal more u have to burn more mana until u get the
Tier 3 : Neadles to say anything. Gives Absorb.
Tier 4 : If you dont have any other healer with high ammaunt of heals like , this is the best choice. More then 70% of the games, this is what you need to keep the high dmg dealer - Assassin - up.
Note : If u have an in team, 100% go with this.
Tier 5 : I chose this because of the mana and cooldown reduction. So i can stay even more in the battle.
Note : Some people go with to finish of low hp heros
Tier 6 : To help out kill secures, this will help a lot. Never the less you can throw the totem even further.
Note : This is optional, the is also a good talent
Tier 7 : Usualy i chose the Heroic upgrade, but its Optional. Still can go with the , witch also helps a lot.

Advantages - Disadvantages Top

With This Build
1) One of the Best Heal ingame
2) Instantly transforms into a Ghost Wolf for speed and for single hit +dmg
3) Easy to play
4) Versatile

1) Ghost Wolf is only 30% speed with CoolTime
2) Low damage overal and melee range
3) Doesnt have Crowd Control ( interrupt , stun )
4) Susceptible to Crowd Control
5) Hard to master


If you have any suggestions / remark. Leave a Comment and tell me what do i got wrong or what should i add that i missed.

Looking forward to all your Feedback on this.


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