Retribution (All passive no click) by ScreamingTiger

Retribution (All passive no click)

By: ScreamingTiger
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2017
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Build: Retribution (All passive no click)

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Hello Gents,
My name is Julian and I wanted to submit a build I was playing around with. By no means am I an expert but I have not found a build like mine although I haven’t dug too deep. Growing up playing WoW I loved my Pally, Ret spec of course so when I first started playing this I jumped on Uther, naturally. Not going to lie at first I was going all out heal, looked online and was building what was telling me too. I was okay, wasn’t horrible but wasn’t good. Yesterday I decided to try my own stuff and I came across what I like to look at what could be considered a Retribution build. I kind of thought about my questing aspect of hitting and healing, survival of my own. This is a sticky situation build.

So let me break it down.

1.] Hammer of the Lightbringer- My previous matches I'd be in the mixture but would have to bail because I couldn't maintain my mana. This is not a sure fix but it will keep you on the front lines. (Free mana)

4.] Beacon of the light- This I chose to not forget about health. Healing two is better than one. Which will help keep you on the front lines. (Two are better than one)

7.] Holy Fire- Maintain damage without clicking on the front lines. (It burns without touching) Stay on the front line

10.] Divine Storm- You get a second stun with this and an AoE. This is for when you go on a run with your homeboys and knock all the kids on the block down. Guess what? You don't have to worry about the perfect opportunity to click your friend for a short term effect! JUMP IN THAT PILE! (Like I said, Two are better than one.)

13.] Holy Shock- This is for those low health runners. Yeah you can mix it in because it has a shorter cool down so hit an enemy then lay a hand to a friend. Hopefully you have a stun on standby in case you don't get that last hit. (Gonna make a killer out of you)

16.] Hardened Focus- If you have been paying attention you're keeping your health up. This is why I didn't chose Fist of Justice or any other cool downs. Trust me, you do this right you'll thank me. (Lay on your hands on me!)

20.] Divine Hurricane
    - How about we maximize that jump in? Well here's your answer, people don't like to double on ults but they're not a Paladin! (What's bigger than a big bad storm? A damn Hurricane!)

    I was at the bottom but I've been getting MVP since I made this. Good luck and the light bear a path which has washed all unseen!

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