Reworked Rehgar Build by Complete Tosser

Reworked Rehgar Build

By: Complete Tosser
Last Updated: Apr 8, 2016
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Build: The new Rehgar build

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Introduction and general playstyle Top

Hello there boys and girls, today we will be looking at the new, reworked Rehgar.

Now this Rehgar, like in most builds, is quite offensive, and not in the "Oh I'm triggered" way offensive. You will be a major pain in the glutes of your enemies.

To start off, I'll say that this is not the absolute best build, but it is a jumping off point for some since there is no guides as of making this that include the new talents.

Ok, so what do we do with this build? First, keep in mind that you'll need to roam. Second, choose a buddy on your team that you'll be doing damage with. Let's call him "Damage buddy". This will usually be a melee warrior, though, in some cases it might be an assassin (my favourite is at the moment).

So why will you need the damage buddy? Well, because you and him will be jumping in first with your double . And that's what this build revolves around, you and your damage buddy just making a moshpit around a poor, poor soul.

Talents Top

So the talents you see on the top there are basically what you want if you don't have any major pains in the game. For example if there's a lot of hard CC in the enemy team, you'll usually want to go with instead of , though in some cases, where the CC is hard to predict, you'll still want the standard talent.

The only two talents I suggest you don't change are the first two: and, my personal favourite Rehgar talent, .

Now, if you're feeling like your damage buddy doesn't need and you think that your team sticks together a lot, then feel free to take and improve it at lvl20 with .

I also HIGHLY suggest that you never take because both of the remaining talents can make up for that tiny, insignificant shield. If you want to help that single target, just take and, again, if your team sticks together a lot during the game and you want to spam heals, then take . I see no advantages over those two to be honest.

is another talent I suggest you avoid. Yes, I know, the build DOES revolve around the damage of and it DOES seem very tempting, but believe me, you will probably never stack it all the way since the shield lasts such a short amount of time. You can try it, and if it suits you, then go ahead, but I like me some . It gives you more damage on your Z and it heals you a small amount, which is always nice, especially if the enemy team is not focusing you and you can pounce on them several times during teamfights.

Playstyle Top

So what you want to do in early game is find a melee hero and stick with him for the first few minutes and push as hard as you can, but without dying, of course. The best push combo, in my opinion, at the moment is with . You get nice wave clear with him and if you get a nice wave clear, that means a lot of minions pushing the lane for you.

After you shove the lane and make the enemy laners go back to base to heal, or when the rest of your teammates start having troubles themselves, start roaming. The sooner, the better. That's why we take , so we can regenerate health and mana while we go between lanes. Much more useful than reducing the cost of your other abilities if you ask me.

OK, so the most important part: Teamfights and objectives.
Mid and late game are your biggest strengths as Rehgar, because he's a team player. Use your not just to slow enemies, but to secure bushes when you're capturing certain objective points, since it grants vision as well as the slow.

Now here's when the damage buddy comes in. You want someone like , , , , etc. You want someone who stays in the brunt of things. And what you're going to do is use your on them, and pounce on your enemies with your and try to bodyblock them from moving, and of course use the totem to slow them in the process.
Also, keep spamming your Z button, it's your main source of damage (and not a small one at that) and later even of sustain, though don't be shy to back off if things get messy. There are assassins, warriors and specialists that will do the damage. Better sacrifice your damage than to die, and then who will heal the team.

Of course, in teamfights, use your (if you have taken it) on the most focused ally. It's a big surprise for the enemy team and it's even better if they have wasted their long-cooldown huge-damage abilities on your ally only for him to be healed almost all the way up again.

(or more specifically killing the dreams of a of finishing off your teammate by rooster-blocking his )

Summation Top

1: Help push at the beginning
2: Start roaming
3: Choose a damage buddy
4: Moshpit
5: Spam Z for maximum damage output
6: Be a good little support and don't let your friends die
7: Practice safe sex

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