Sonya Seismic Slam Build (Sylvanas Patch) by AnswerMiah

Sonya Seismic Slam Build (Sylvanas Patch)

By: AnswerMiah
Last Updated: Apr 1, 2015
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Build: Seismic Slam Build

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Threats to Sonya with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Nova Almost no threat. She's one shot for you.
Li Li She cannot kill you + even she has high heal, you will most likely kill her + you can interrupt her channeling ultimate.
Murky Ancient Spear + Seismic Slam = you will delete him.
The Lost Vikings Even if they are all together, they are no threat at all for you.
Raynor Even though he has good sustain, he doesn;t have burst to kill you quickly enough before you kill him.
Kerrigan Easy to deal with, you can easily dodge her combo, she is squishy in comparation with you.
Illidan Again, almost no threat for Sonya. He's only dangerous if combined with Abathur + Tassadar or so.
Malfurion It's sometime hard to kill Malfurion, especially if he activates Tranquility, but otherwise, he is no threat for you. Watch out for Roots.
Nazeebo Squishy, you can interrupt his ulti, watch out for zombies.
Tyrande She is very squishy. Watch out for her stun.
Zeratul Almost no threat for Sonya. He is squishy and you can out damage him.
Valla Good Valla can kite you and poke very hard, but landing good Ancient Spear will win the day for you.
Chen Chen's damage is low, so he most likely won;t kill you, but he can be very obnoxious.
Falstad He has high burst , but he is very squishy and you can most likely catch him.
Jaina Same as with Valla + Her burst is much bigger and if she takes Elemental, you will get in to some serious troubles.
Arthas Evenly matched with Sonya. Sonya has a lot of bigger burst, but he has sustain
Tychus Tychus is hard to deal with, especially since he can move while AA.
Anub'arak Doesn;t have enough damage to burst you down quickly, but has sustain and escape / gap closing when you are running away
Azmodan Azmodan is very tanky and he can cause you many troubles, especially with his channeling. Interrupt it with Ancient Spear
Gazlowe His turrets can be pain for you + stun, otherwise, easy to kill.
Rehgar Rehgar can be problem, since of his healing and he does not lack damage as the rest of the supports. His slowing totem might be problem, if enemy team catches you.
Tassadar Tassadar's bigger threat is his Archon + Shields, as he is very tanky in this state. Still, you have better damage.
Uther Sometimes, can be really pain. He has CC + sustain and if someone accompanies him, it is very hard to kill him.
Thrall As Thrall's burst damage is lower then Sonya's , he has very high sustain, which makes him hard to kill.
Sgt. Hammer Can be pain. She can poke you from afar. However, if you get to her, she will most likely escape.
Muradin Muradin is hard to deal with. He can outdamage you, since he is very tanky and he has CC
Stitches Stitches has sustain, CC, but he does not have such dmg as Sonya. If you will be vigilant, you can kill him.
Sylvanas Sylvanas is moving all the time, so it is a bit different to catch her, but if you do, you will burst her down very quickly.
Brightwing Her Polymorph + Emerald Wind can ruin your day.
Abathur Very hard to find and kill for Sonya + in combination with some heroes, for example Illidan = Pain
E.T.C. Hard to deal with. Very tanky + sustain + CC
Tyrael Tyrael is pain. He has shield + CC + sustain and damage. Be careful when fighting him.
Diablo Very tanky, can "throw" you into enemy team and screw you up.
Sonya If you meet enemy Sonya, and she will be better then you, or just lands better Ancient Spear = you are dead.
Zagara Very hard to deal with, she can poke you all the time and her minions can dish out tons of damage.

Introduction Top


As Sonya is nowadays more worth to play as strong, damage dealer, I favourized this build very much. It makes her strong carry and thus, she will wreck and destroy her targets.

Abilities Top

Fury - Fury is Sonya's trait. This movement speed burst which it gives is great utility for chasing enemies and, in some situations, good tool for delaying and escaping your foes. Fury is gained by attack and taking damage.

Ancient Spear - Sonya's main gap closer. Practising this skill shot will bring you some "bright days" while for your enemies, it will be "nightmare"

Seismic Slam - Your main damage ability, only 1 second cooldown, tons of damage. With this, you will literally delete squishies and cause some serious wounds to tanks. Spammable.

Whirlwind - Good ability for clearing lanes and for some sustain, however, with this build, you won;t use Whirlwind very much.

Level 1 Talent Choice Top

Shot of Fury - In 95% cases, I go for this. Shot of Fury helps you to keep your Fury state in good balance, thus, you can spam more Seismic Slam and quickly destroy your enemy.

If you feel like adding some sustain to your build, you can pick War Paint, or, for more defense, you might pick Block, but for me, Shot of Fury is the best choice in this tier!

Level 4 Talent Choice Top

Furious Blow - Best pick in this tier, for sure. 40% increased damage for Seismic Slam is exactly what you need, and you got Shot of Fury for the increased cost.

Level 7 Talent Choice Top

Shattered Ground - Scales well with Seismic Slam, for example, in TeamFights, it is very valuable, or when you are clearing lanes / taking mercenaries.

Again, for some sustain, you might want to pick Ferocious Healing, but then you will lack damage in TeamFights.

Level 10 Talent Choice Top

Wrath of the Berserker - Exactly what you need = > More damage, more utility and if you know how to handle it, you can extend it's duration for very long time!

If your enemy team has champions like Nova, Nazeebo or E.T.C., Li Li or Valla pick Leap for interrupting their abilities, but Leap is lack of damage.

Level 13 Talent Choice Top

Aftershock - Best pick in this tier for Seismic Slam. With Aftershock, you spam even more!

For better gap closing, you can pick Composite Spear and if you feel like you need more defense, go for Spell Shield, but then, you will be missing some damage for sure.

Level 16 Talent Choice Top

No Escape - I pick this clearly for the utility stat, as I can chase enemies easier and kill them faster.

You can go for Imposing Presence or for Nerves of Steel for better survivalability.

Level 20 Talent Choice Top

Ignore Pain - I go for this, because I can wreck even more and take more damage, and still, survival some very hard situations, since TeamFights will be very "harsh" in the late game. With Ignore Pain, you can go for ranged enemies throughout the "fight"

If your enemy team has a lot of CC, you can pick Anger Management.

Combo Top

Combo of Sonya is pretty clear with this build = >

I start with Ancient Spear to get close to my enemy, and then I use Auto Attacks and spam Seismic Slam.

When you hit level 10, you do all things same, but before Ancient Spear, activate Wrath of the Berserker, so the damage will be enhanced.

Conclusion Top

I hope this build will help you out.

Note that you will dish out tons of damage, but you won;t be as tanky as you would assume.

Good luck!

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