Soothing Mist/ Pixie Dust Build by Jimmyjrs1111

Soothing Mist/ Pixie Dust Build

By: Jimmyjrs1111
Last Updated: Aug 31, 2015
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Introduction Top

This build focuses primarily on Brightwing's(BW) Trait(Soothing Mist) and Pixie Dust(Q) greatly increasing her passive heal output. It is applicable on all maps, and Brightwing in general is good on maps such as the Haunted Mines, where she can teleport to her team, and any large map such as Cursed Hallow or Sky Temple.

Threats Top

Jaina has a higher threat on Brightwing because all of her abilities slow, and Brightwing cannot mount up. Also the Health Pool of Brightwing is relatively low, causing her to be easily dumped on my Jaina 's high damage ranged attacks

Kharazim is also a high threat to Brighwing , because Brightwing 's ability to blink out of combat is very important to her survivability, but Kharazim 's dash allows him to keep up with Brightwing . Kharazim is also capable of dealing great damage or healing just as well as Brightwing , almost making her obsolete.

Anyone with stuns, such as The Butcher or Kael'thas can also be a decent threat, because it leaves you unable to Blink Heal

Tier 1 Top

I recommend using Unfurling Spray if your team consists of mostly melee fighters. This keeps you out of enemy melee range, by allowing you to stay a bit further back, and also greatly complements this particular build.

Hyper Shift is also a very viable option all around. When in doubt pick this talent, because it can reduce you Phase Shift cool down by up to 10 seconds every time your trait activate(Which is every 4 seconds.)

Tier 2 Top

For this tier I will almost always recommend Manic Pixie only because Brightwing 's Soothing Mist was just re-buffed with the Kharazim patch. This really increases your healing especially if you talent the way of Pixie Dust at levels 13 and 16.

I do, however recommend Peekaboo! if the enemy team has a stealth, Nova or Zeratul on their team. Peekaboo! is especially effective against Zeratul, because he has a melee range, and if you had chosen Hyper Shift at level 1 you essentially have a low cool down reveal.

Tier 3 Top

Mistified is the fail-safe choice for this talent, decreasing your Soothing Mist cool down will thereby cause your Phase Shift to have a shorter cool down if you picked Hyper Shift at level 1, and will cause your Revitalizing Mist to stack more quickly at level 20.

Cleanse is also always a good choice for any healer, because it not only gets you out of Malfurion and Arthas 's roots, but also gets you out of The Butcher 's Lamb to the Slaughter , in addition to removing slows.

Tier 4 Top

Blink Heal is hands-down the choice for your ultimate, even though this build does NOT choose Double Wyrmhole at level 2. Emerald Wind is really more of a 'just for fun' choice.

Tier 5 Top

This talent selection is also situational. Shield Dust will always be useful, so if you are having a hard time deciding just go with it.

Pixie Boost is very useful for disengaging, and also chasing down, especially if you did not pick Cleanse at level 7. Pixie Boost is very nice for a team with a lot of AOE(Area of Effect) Damage and slows.

Tier 6 Top

I highly recommend Bouncy Dust at this tier, because now two allies will get all of the bonuses that Pixie Dust now grants from earlier talents.

Hardened Focus is nice, because you are likely to have full health, because you always passively heal yourself if you are not at full health, even when no one is around. The only problem is that Brightwing will usually be focused in a team fight, meaning that she will not always benefit from Hardened Focus unless she is just in a lane soaking experience.

Tier 7 Top

With this build I would go with Revitalizing Mist because at this point your Soothing Mist has increased range and is happening more frequently.

Double Wyrmhole is never a bad choice, but if you have a primarily melee team it is easier to just stay back and passively heal. Double Wyrmhole , However gives you the ability to blink into combat to heal your warrior, then blink back out to your Ranged assassin healing them as well.

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