Soulja's Swag Shield Build by KingSoulja

Soulja's Swag Shield Build

By: KingSoulja
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2015
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Build: Soulja's Swag Shield Build

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My Life for Aiur! Top

Artanis is a Swag-G Baller. Dive into the enemy team and wreck havok with my Sikkkk build!!!!!! xDDDD

Remember to report your team if you die.

Also, Remember this is the King Soulja Swag Shield Build !!

Talent Choices Top


Level 1 ---
Per usual, this is the worst talent choice level. I recommend getting Reactive Parry for the X-Tra Tank.
If you are going #yolo DPS nova-slayer-player, or don't need Tank(kek) then go Seasoned Marksman.
If you want more wave clear or you're playing on the spooky mines map, get Amateur Opponent

Level 4 ---
Another ****-Tier Talent Choice level, you can get any of these but the shield one.
Get the Attack Speed if you plan to smack kids in the face, or if you have abba
Templar's Zeal is probably the best one here though, since we plan to Dive into Enemy Heroes.

Level 7 ---
Psionic Energy all the Way! It Reduces the Cooldown of your Shield by a ****-Ton!

Level 10 ---
Shinji, get in the ****in artanis and blind them! ( When is the master skin coming out again? )

Level 13 ---
Triple Strike! Triple Strike! Triple Strike!!! This Lowers you Shield cooldown by 12/20 just for using W
Unless they have like 4 mages, then get the Bulwark

Level 16 ---
Get the Shield if you want more Tankiness for Anti-Burst DMG.
Get the Charge if you want to be sure you can get the shield, I Recommend this for the Extra DPS

Level 20 ---
We've Been Building up to this moment..........
Get the Shield Talent.

It may seem as garbage at first glance, but with your triple Strike, it will reduce the shield cooldown by 90%, Or 18/20 Seconds! After pressing W once and Hitting ANYTHING (even a creep), you can either wait 2 seconds, or Go Footloose into the Enemy Team with your Q. Don't Forget that the W has a 4 second cooldown! OPPPPPP!!!!!!! BLIZZARD PLS NERFFF!!!

Tips from KingSoulja Himself, a Lvl 4 Artanis with over 30 minutes of Experience Top

-- Get those Peruvians on your team to actually do something; ping 5-10 times until they register that a teamfight is about to occur. If you try and 1v5 you might lose ( eventually )

-- Use your Ult on as many people as you can, as an anti-initiator! Try and especially hit one of the following: Raynor, Valla, Edgy Illidan Mains, Tychus, or anyone else with a rightclick that doesn't suck.

-- When you run into a fight, make sure you have a Q or W available when you're about to hit 50% hp. 50% = GodMode Activate! After you hit 50% and are in the middle of the enemy team, spam the **** out of your spells and try and use your w on anything close ( espcially squishy nova nubs )

-- Swaps are your only CC, use them Wisely.

-- After owning the other team, show them you're the dominant force by spamming your teleport button where they can see you. Encourage your peruvian/mezzzzcan team to do the same by pasting this: "Teleport conmigo, mis amigos!"

-- If a Peruvian on your Team types BG, it does not mean Bad Game, it means Bueno Gugar, or Good Play!!

Glitches Top

Updated ! 10-24

There are 2 new glitches you can do with Artanis that I found

1st - Hex Strike !! ** PATCHED ** :(
Take Triple Strike and Zealot Charge! Walk up to an Enemy and Right click, as soon as you hear the sound of the First attack, Mash your W quickly and you will strike 6 times. ( Note: This may not show dmg popups, but is doable in try-mode and against squishy noobs)

2nd - Double Jump
Use your E to swap someone, right before it hits, send your Q out towards the person. Artanis will jump twice in the same direction sending you way behind them. Good for chasing/cornering.

Conclusion Top

In conclusion, artanis is op, and this guide will show you the secret build that blizzard hid in order to give their employees an edge in tourneys. Make sure to +1 this build and share with your friends so he gets nerfed and more people can get past rank 30.

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