Standard Li-Ming build by Scarletrogue

Standard Li-Ming build

By: Scarletrogue
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2016
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What is Li-Ming Top

Li-ming is a ranged assassin that can absolutely dominate the battlefield if played correctly. Her trait allows her to take more ground with each kill and can be a nightmare to any heroes with a low health pool.

Build description Top

The only real talent choices at level 1 is Astral presence, it provides lot's of mana so you don't have to hearth back in the late game. Something could be said for power hungry however there aren't many region globes during team fights, where you'd need the damage most.

At level 4 I choose dominance, this allows you to have a large health boost with each takedown and makes you slightly less squishy. Triumvirate isn't that good as the distance you are in a fight varies and you can occasionally get value from this talent. Same can be said for charged blast.

At level 7 you choose Zei's vengeance or seeker. This choice depends on you play style although it's recommended that you try to stay as far away from the fight as possible. Calamity is just bad.

For your heroics, I like disintegrate but you have to be ready to pop out of it at anytime as you cannot move during it's duration. Something can be said for force wave to help setup combo's or solo out enemy heroes but it takes some skill as until level 20, the range is quite short.

At level 13 you choose illusionist as it has a large synergy with Diamond skin and allows you to teleport to the other side of terrain blocks. Glass cannon makes you even squishier than you need to be and you will be focused ALOT. Cannoneer is good but not for this build.

At level 17 you choose Diamond skin, this allows you to teleport into a fight, get a kill and instead of dying, you heal back up with dominance. This talent is also good against dive comp's where you can be singled out instantly.

Finally at level 20, it's purely your choice, but never choose Temporal flux, the slow just isn't worth.


Thanks for looking at my guide and good luck as or against Li-ming. Beware the triple mage comp.

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