Stoned Murk Dog by HotsMasterJ

Stoned Murk Dog

By: HotsMasterJ
Last Updated: May 7, 2015
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Build: Stoned Murk Dog

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Sgt. Hammer Her range and how hard she hits is what makes her dangerous.
Nova Her hard hitting shots can delete you before you get a chance to bubble.
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Who is HotsMasterJ? Top

I am just an average gamer that enjoys playing hots. Been playing since Alpha. I also enjoy (being from the NW) some greenery. My guides are setup for the one who enjoys gaming on another level :P Fun builds that allow you to enjoy the character and thus the game more! Got a Youtube channel as well as streaming on twitch at go vids and streams. Let's Begin!

Pros and Cons Top

    No Mana (one less resources to manage)
    Owns the lane (his aoe if not dealt with just tears whole waves down)
    Death; Murk Dog is above that!
    Underestimated (Baiting is Fun!)
    Re-spawn time with Egg Placement (Can you say Annoying!)
    Squishy to say the least
    His aoe (Puffer fish) can be killed
    Tougher than the average character to play

The Egg Placement Top

I am by know means good with egg placement. I am pretty good at getting the egg around where it needs to be for objectives, but horrible about placement outside of that. If you can master the placement you will be on a better foot playing Murk Dog than most. Dieing and coming right back into the fray is what Murk dog is all about.

Good spots our camps after they have been taken. Usually the enemy doesn't bother to check them unless the npcs are there. Depending on the map there are others but in general a good rule of thumb.

Early Game Top

I just do my best to focus on the lane and its minions. Help in team fights to peel or push back. Try not to die to stupid stuff, but you are Murk Dog so if you do don't sweat it. Remember its a race to 10, after that is when this build comes into its own.

Mid Game Top

You hit level 10 Grats!!! Now the Murk Dog fun begins. Once you get Octo-Grab the combo that makes this build fun is engaged. Throw out Puffer fish and Octo-Grab target. Can do this every 50 secs, and you should. The more talents you pick up the stronger the combo gets. Team fights at this point, but if you cutting through lanes and can throw a puffer fish down, do so. Lane if waiting on team.

End Game Top

At the point you pick up the puffer fish doing slime when it hits ground, you should be able to almost one shot squisher dps such as Jaina or Valla. Try to pick out key dps or heals to use Octo-Grab on. If waiting on team mates to rez lane.

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