Stunner Uther Building by Arihuss

Stunner Uther Building

By: Arihuss
Last Updated: Oct 5, 2015
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Main Strategy Top

In general:
Your main objective is to always be in AA so you can regen mana and use hammer of justice as much as u can. After getting holy fire, u will be able to clearcamps and lanes easier, and with Divine Storm, ensure to be in front line with tank in order to stun as much hero enemies as u can

Early Game:
Remember to stay back and keep and eye in your mana, until level 4 u will be able to engange in order to cast your abilities as you wish and keep attacking to increase regen

Late Game:
Stick with your team and always, always use hammer of justice first, then keep attacking so it can cooldown faster and use the combo of hammer - divine storm to clear teamfights and even 1v1 fights

Talent Brakdown - Best defense is Attack! Top

This is an awesome build that most players never pick, but i win 90% of the time with it, so let's go directly to the explanation:

Tier one

+Hammer of Justice
The spirit of this build is to stun enemies as much as u can, hence, this is a key talent that will annoy other team the whole game

-Conjurer's upursuit and Reach are helpful for the healer builts, and block is useless as it is more of a tank talent, so never pick them in this case

Tier 2

+Hammer of the Lightbringer
As this is an attack build, this is also a key talent for u to always be entertained in something: lanes, camps or hero fights; so u never run out of mana

-Again, other 3 talents are for healing-focused approach

Tier 3

+Holy fire
Cince you will be in the hearth of the battle, this is a great talent to do passive damage, as well as to clear lanes and mercs (even solo some of them)

+Burden of Guilt
If you feel like your team has good specialists to take mercs/ clear lanes, this one will ensure to kill any squishy target like lily. Also can be good option in the map with Inmortals

-Cleanse is healing focused, wave of light is useless as we have ensure mana regen with previous talent, and clairvoyance is not needed with this build

Tier 4

+Divine Storm
Always take this talent and focus to stun 2-3 heroes so your team can take them down and finish fight easily, this is the ultimate skill that u have to aim preferably to assassins or specs in order to ensure a quick death and then proceed with stuns to healers and tanks

-Divine Shield is useless as this is no healer build

Tier 5

From now onwards talents will depend on the other's team dps, AOE or CC

In this Tier, i can only suggest to never take holy shock. As your focus is stun, not damage, your survivability takes more importance

+spell shield
This is the best option for me, as you will be in first line most of the time,

+shrink ray
Always a good option to gank a heroe or just kind of silence an assassin/tank temporarily. Always hilarious to see a tiny hero trying to scape

+Blessed champion
This last one is more for healing, but as u are likely to always cast Holy light on you and keep attacking, this can help to heal your team a little (similar to Kharazim)

Tier 6

+Hardened Focus
This talent will help you to use even more your hammer of justice, but also your other healing habilities to keep you up fighting. Be sure to stay atacking something to regenerate mana with your 2nd Tier Talent

+Imposing presence
Usually an underestimated talent, but it can be of good use depending on other team's heroes. Hence, i consider it rather situational, so it's up to you

-Gathering radiance damage is not enough valuable, and benediction would be a good option if it could be applied to Divine Storm

Tier 7

This is the best option as it not only helps u avoid death, but also let you revive at current spirit location (similar to Leoric) and let u continue stunning other team. It also restores your mana, so you can immediately cast holy light on you to have +3/4 health

+Divine hurricane
Good option to consider as it reduces cooldown and makes it easier to stun more heroes. I rather pick this one for fun when we are +2 lvs of advantage from other team

-Upgrade on divine shiled cannot be considered, as well as storm shield since it is more for a healing build

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