Super Fairy DPS Support Build by grubb

Super Fairy DPS Support Build

By: grubb
Last Updated: May 29, 2015
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Build: Super Fairy DPS Support Build.

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Intro Top

This is the build I use for Brightwing, I have gotten up to lvl 10 twice now, originally used Blink Heal spec, but after using this build attached I have contributed more in game then I ever have.

Theres been multiple times where I have actually topped the Hero Damage on the whole game!. shows just how strong Brightwing can be.

sorry if my writing and paragraphs are poor, its my first guide, never been good at this sort of stuff, but i enjoy this build so much i had to share it.

heres a snippit of me doin some damage with brightwing.

Tier 1 Talent Top

Tier 1 - Arcane Precision if you can nail the skill shot this can help alot and can do alot more damage. really good on a bunched opposition obviously, helps to drop those towers as well.

- ALTERNATIVE - Bribe can solo camps especially early in the game, however i'm personally not a fan of it, as late game seige giants can die very quickly essentially wasting the talent. i prefer the more sustained damage of Arcane Precision.

Tier 2 Talent Top

Envenom, Ive gotten so many kills with this bad boy its actually unbelievable. If i got a dollar for every hero that got away with just an inch of their lift left i would be a very rich man. this talents stops that.]

-ALTERNATIVE - Protective Shield. always a solid choice for a support hero.

Tier 3 Talent Top

Gust of healing - No brainer for me, high output aoe heal is very helpful in teamfights.

Tier 4 Talent (ultimate) Top

Emerald Wind- Core of our DPS in team fights. has suprisingly high damage and more importantly has the ability to seperate enemy heroes from each other. Low CD as well , can do a lot of damage to big minion waves.
Can teleport on ally heroes and emerald win for massive damage or to save someone so they can back to base.

Tier 5 Talent Top

Sprint - for easy get aways or sprint in behind the enemy and emerald wind them back into ally heroes.

ALTERNATIVE - Iceblock 3 sec invulnerability is never a bad option.

Tier 6 Talent Top

Critterize - more damage for you an your team mates,

ALTERNATIVE - Sticky Powder - I sometimes run this if we have next to no slows in our team. %0% slow is alot and can be very handy.

Tier 7 Talent Top

Continuous Winds - keeps knocking them back and dealing more damage, also increases brightwings survive-ability.

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