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Support? Carry!

By: Cidd
Last Updated: Nov 3, 2014
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Laning Top
This makes him argubly the best lanebully in game. You dont deal massive burst dmg like zagara, but the low manacost with your w makes you sustain way longer than any other class. Wait until the enemyminions stand still so you can make full use of the dot. You can even hold a 1 v 2 lane without getting pushed to your tower.
underrated skill: always buff the swordsman minions so they can take more towershots, promote can push or depush a lane massivly. You can also buff catapults if you got the 2nd base in a lane destroyed

Oracle and Shift are great survival skills you should use them wisely, if you anticipate a zeratul or nova gank use oracle, if you know massive dmg is incoming use shift and try to sneak around bushes to confuse your opponents

other talents Top
best skill in that category, the dmgbuff is rly good also it works on buildings so use it. You can use it more than once during one psystorm.
forcefields might be good in certain 5v5 teamgames but in normalversus always go archon
rly good to chase enemys or slow them down to safe teammates
The strongest spike you get with tassadar is with that talent. You need for sure a fair amount of games to know where and when to cast it in teamfights, anticipate where your enemy will go and cast it there. Also against neutral objectives, you sould wait the full time before your 2nd strike to optimize the dmgoutput ( the cd timer from the first strike still counts down in the background, so if your 2nd strike hits you can cast again in only 4 seconds.
the archonbuff is nice but revive is much better, since your squishy and die often if you overextend thistalent is alwayys good to have.

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