Support Stukov Build (Oct. 2017) by Sugimori

Support Stukov Build (Oct. 2017)

By: Sugimori
Last Updated: Oct 22, 2017
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Build: Immunotherapy

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Introductions Top

Hi, my name is Sugimori! I have a Youtube channel, and a Twitch channel where I play some video games like Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft, and Overwatch mostly. I am and always have been an analytical gamer trying to discover the best builds, and hate playing the meta. In my opinion, if the enemy knows what I will build due to what the meta dictates then the enemy will have the advantage. Off stream I like to play games like Dota 2 as well, so I have no shortage of MOBA experience and many times inspiration comes from Dota as well. More guide stuff to come in the future.

The Build Top

This is my favorite way to play Stukov. It focuses on keeping allies healed and keeping your opponents in bad positioning whether by Massive Shove, Flailing Swipes, or zoning with Lurking Arm. The level 13 talents are fairly flexible; I love to play Low Blow because we can help to kill that guy who just barely gets away with our long range aoe, but the other talents have their own merits in their own situations. Similarly, I could make a case for any talent at level 16, but Universal Carrier helps to finish the quest that Vigorous Reuptake provides, and also allows more healing for teams that stick together. For the final level, you should pick the upgrade to your heroic ability, because Bio-Explosion Switch seems fairly situational and unimpressive.

Overall with this build you should strive to stick together as a team because that is how the team will survive long enough to infest the enemy's core.

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