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Survival Rehgar

By: Gryphken
Last Updated: Nov 20, 2014
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Build: Healing support

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Introduction Top

I'm just sharing my personal experiences with Rehgar, so I really hope it will be helpfull for whoever is reading this guide.

I apologize in advance for my grammar in this guide, I know it's far from perfect. But I guess all that matters is that you understand what I'm trying to explain. :D

I will look at it some other time and try to improve it.

All feedback is welcome, just try to keep it clean please. ;)

Why Rehgar ? Top

Rehgar has an unfortunate bad reputation. He's not the best healer, nor is he the support with the most damage.
But he does what he's designed for, letting your team and yourself survive.


- Great survivability
- Healing multiple targets
- Ghost Wolf is great for escaping, chasing and regenerating
- Good at 1vs1
- He just looks shamanisticly cool


- Crowd control is okayish
- Not a poker
- Healings are weak early game
- Ghost Wolf isn't as fast as a mount ( but not really an issue )

Why this build ?

This build will give Rehgar a great amount of survivability during the game, this build saved my life a couple of times. Low on health ? Just head to towards a safe distance, cast a heal on yourself or an ally and jump back into the fight.

I know this is a healing build, but that doesn't mean you can't do any damage. Au contraire!
Your damage will be very decent to say the least, so don't be afraid to get your hands dirty, those awesome looking claws are meant to hurt!

Then again, don't forget to monitor your teammates health bars.

So far I haven't lost too many games yet with this build.

Talents and some explanation Top

Level 1

I would suggest to go for Spiritwalker's Grace, Rehgar can be a bit mana-hungry.
At the end it will give you that one extra heal that is needed during fights.

Healing Totem is also a nice option, but your rarely fighting at the same place, so that's where it's getting a bit useless.

Level 4

Feral Heart is the best option here. During the game you'll be using Ghost Wolf a lot, so you'll regenerate a lot faster. Ergo, you can stay longer in battle's and keep healing your ally's on a safe distance when being on low health.

Level 7

Earth Shield provides you or ally's extra protection,so this is a great buff. It can also be used on dragon, not sure if it works on other summoned creatures too.

Level 10

Ancestral Healing... this is the way to go if you need survivability. This spell is so powerfull that it can fully restore yours or an ally's health bar. Works also on dragon and maybe other creatures, so nothing but advantages for your team + it only has a 60sec cooldown.
Only downside, you have to time it right, cause it works with a small delay (about 0.5sec), which can make the difference between life and death.

Level 13

Healing Surge it really is the best option here. The more you can heal the faster you will see VICTORY! appearing on your screen.

Level 16

Earthgrasp Totem will give you more croud controll. Rehgar lacks CC, so this totem buff will be helpfull during fights. Just place it on the right spot, it can be used as a ward to cover a bush when you're attacking a camp or defending a area.
When enemy's try to escape, use Ghost Wolf to gain in on them, then place Earthbind Totem in front of their noses and finish the job.

Level 20

You already got all the good things to survive, but Farseer's Blessing will make your Ultimate ( Ancestral Healing ) even sweeter. Now it heals every friendly near the healed target. This is great during the endgame, during teamfights just cast it on the ally that has the least amount of health left and BAM! :D
Now go and end this game!

Notes Top

Chain Heal isn't very powerful at the start, the power of this build will show itself after level 10/13.

You can tank mobs, but you're not tanky enough to tank a group of enemy opponents.

Don't be afraid to play defencive when you're alone, again you're not a tank and can't outheal them.

EDIT: I noticed a few games that my total healing and damage was higher than that of .

Sometimes when your realy on a role and everything is going great, don't be surprised if you suddenly become the number 1 target during a lot of teamfight's.
Cause when you keep surviving every time or keep saving your team, sooner or later they will want to bring you down for that.


To bad I didn't take screenshots earlier, cause I had some realy good games playing Rehgar and using this build. So here are the scores of my 2 last games. Nothing to write home about, but not terrible either.

I know people always post their best scores on these guides. But I want to show you that at the end it's all about how good your team plays together.

Here I had a great team with a lot of teamwork, we always got Blackbeard's ship attacking the other team, they didn't stand a chance. And I could bring in A LOT of doubloons.

And if you compare my score with the rest, you'll notice it's not that bad at all.

Here I had a team that had no idea what they were doing, so it doesn't matter how good you can heal, if your team doesn't cooperate you will lose. Like Nazeebo, he never left he's lane and kept on farming it, even when the enemy team was attacking our base. So it was more like a 4vs5 game.

At the start we had a big early fight 5vs5, my team was losing it, but both sides where on low health. So I tossed in my Chain Heal, so first it was looking bad for us, but that one heal turned the tide.
After that heal I killed 3 enemy's, so the downside was, I became the number 1 target in teamfights for the rest of the game. :p

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