Surviving lightning rod. by Shinron

Surviving lightning rod.

By: Shinron
Last Updated: May 4, 2015
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this build is made to keep you alive. and as long as your alive you can deal damage.

psi-infusion because conjurer`s pursuit takes a while to be effective and also takes time and attention
and not taking overload because its ok to be in the front line with so many insurence.
this tier is actuely very situational, depending on what kind of fights your getting in to. i took leeching plasma because it give me and my allies sustain hp. but cna pick all. maybe promote a little les
a good choice.
I took deep shift because it combines will with the t-5 and t-6 talents it doubles the duration of your E to 3 sec, and with t-5 you can get a total of 6 secs invulnarable time. but if your team realy needs more dps you could take static charge.

Heroic archon. because you lack the damage to be a threat. your goal is to make your enemy`s focus you, and survive it. if your damage is to minimal they can just ignore you.

prescience its basicly a life line.they only way to kill you is to get attack while on cd or if they can burst you in 1 hit with a atk higher than 15%+ hp. it has its own cooldown. so after it get active you still have your E to do it agian. you have to keep track of it. to beable to relay on it.
dimentinal warp. some may not notice it but it actuely heals per sec. so by take the T-3 talent deep shift you actuely heals more.(50% added when taking deep shift) this combined with t-5 basicly denieds every long range snipe or combo`s to finish you off.
Twilight arcone. make you more dangerous more tanky and god looking like.

with all the shields heals and invurnability your surely to survive a 5 man ult wombo combo.

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