Sustain/Burst Valla by mcsquirrel by mcsquirrel

Sustain/Burst Valla by mcsquirrel

By: mcsquirrel
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2015
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Build: Sustain Valla

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Introduction Top

Hello and welcome to my guide for Valla.

My name is jts2 (or mcsquirrel) and this is my guide for a high burst, high sustain, mobile Valla. I am an assassin and warrior main. My favorite heroes include Nova, Valla, Sylvanas, and Sonya, as well as Zagara. I played HoTS when it was in closed alpha and began playing again once it was open beta!

This build relies more on yourself to sustain and kite rather than your teammates. As an experienced MOBA player, I can tell you that in solo queue, you can only rely on yourself.

Valla's strengths/weaknesses Top

Great burst and sustained damage
Great poke
Decent waveclear
Highly mobile
Great AoE damage with heroic ability and W
Great kiting ability

Susceptible to CC
Burst damage is skillshot based
Has a ramp-up time; must build Hatred stacks in order to maximize DPS
Heroic ability is channeled
Requires experience with positioning

Skills explained Top

(Trait) - Valla's trait gives her a stacking buff (up to ten stacks) each time she auto attacks. These stacks grant her move speed and attack damage. You should try to keep up your stacks as much as possible because they fall off quickly.

(Q) - Hungering Arrow is a line skillshot that damages the first target it hits, and then splits into two mini homing projectiles that seek out two additional nearby targets. If there aren't any other targets, it can hit the same person twice. Keep in mind that you get healed from both the initial damage AND the homing damage and this skill is reset (up to twice) with the Repeating Arrow and Tumble talents. This is your bread and butter burst and sustain with this build.

(W) - Her W, Multishot, is a short-range cone that sprays projectiles in whatever direction the spell is aimed. Keep in mind that enemies can only take damage once from this ability, so it doesn't matter if you are point-blank or at max range, you will do the same damage. This is great for wave clear and as an opener before Hungering Arrow and its resets. Because most of the time you will have the Frost Shot talent, this ability will slow her enemies as well which allows for easier line-ups of your Q.

(E) - Valla's E is Vault, which is a short range dash. This spell gives her excellent mobility and positioning opportunity when used right, and is incredibly important to this build because it resets your Hungering Arrow. You will have two charges because of Tumble which will grant you even more mobility and burst with the reset. Be mindful not to be wasteful with this spell because it's your positioning mechanic. During team fights, I never immediately use both charges unless I am for sure that I can get away with it and won't need to use the second for an assassin or a tank who is trying to eat my face. In skirmish situations, especially 1v1s, you can usually use it twice quickly and burst/out sustain your opponent and either kill them or scare them off.

(R) - Strafe is the heroic of choice for this build. It is a channeled ability that fires rapidly at all enemies around you, prioritizing heroes over minions. You are able to move AND use Vault during Strafe. Getting stunned or silenced will cancel this ability. With two charges of E, it's easy to position for this heroic and dash away from enemy CC while you are using it.

Talent choices explained [READ] Top

Level 1: This talent isn't bad early but becomes essential to the build later on. Also helps with sustaining in lane and clearing camps without dying early.

Level 4: This talent adds great sustained damage to your attacks. Keep in mind that you can swap targets between autos; stacks don't fall off for a few seconds. This also has amazing synergy with Tempered by Discipline should you choose that talent.

Level 7: Vault resets your Q cooldown, which means that you can Q > E > Q for huge burst and sustain.

Level 10: Heroic ability is unlocked. I never pick the second ability because Strafe deals tremendous damage, but requires good positioning and practice. If you find yourself being singled out by tanks or assassins constantly, you can choose Rain of Vengeance but this heroic requires practice to use effectively and not waste.

Level 13: This is always a situational talent for me. If you find you don't need the slow, Tempered by Discipline works just fine, or even the spell shield if you find yourself getting bursted all the time. You tend to be mobile enough with this build to not need the slow but it's a safe choice for new Valla players which is why it's included in the build.

Level 16: This talent is for obvious reasons. This allows you to reset your Hungering Arrow twice in a short period of time, which is excellent for sustain and burst in duels and skirmishes. A second Vault means you can position yourself better or chase/run!

Level 20: I don't find the Vengeance upgrade to be useful, and you didn't choose the second heroic. That leaves two options: Nexus Frenzy and Bolt of the Storm. Nexus Frenzy is your go-to because it gives you more attack speed and range (!!!) which is absolutely fantastic. It synergizes extremely well with Manticore and Tempered by Discipline if you chose that talent. You can also choose Bolt of the Storm if you find yourself getting caught out of position a lot or they have two or more assassins who are constantly on your case.

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