Sustainability/survivability/the run down by Ludi

Sustainability/survivability/the run down

By: Ludi
Last Updated: Jul 1, 2015
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The Butcher

Build: Sustain, survive, chase them down

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The butcher Top

Welcome to my guide of the butcher. I will keep it as simple and as short as I can. My experience playing the butcher has lead me to write this guide. Each chapter I will go over my talent choice and brief description on why I chose it and how it plays a role in my personal build.

Talent selection Top

More health given back per meat gathered. It is perfect to being able to survive if you are laning, pushing, or even in combat vs the other team.
In order to make your life easier to chase people down, having a farther range on your hamstring does the perfect trick. It makes it easier to catch people in bushes trying to hide along with slowing them down to kill them.
Increase your maximum meat count which becomes very helpful in late game. It also makes it so you don't lose all of your meat. Our talent later will add attack speed.
Keep them from running, and they are dead.
15% maximum health damage right off the bat + a stun, leaves them very vulnerable to anything you want to do to them.
Here is the late game winner for the butcher. Since we got the increased maximum meat, we now add 35% increased attack speed vs 25%.
Increased damage and slow with our increased attack speed. Game over.

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