Sylvanas Assassin/Push build by Skullscraper

Sylvanas Assassin/Push build

By: Skullscraper
Last Updated: Apr 4, 2015
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Reason behind the build. Top

With the wind, Will keep most players at bay while you clear lane as well as help if your trying to kill them and they have escapes.

Ranger's Ambush, You just went threw all of your abilities and even with another hero they are about to escape you use Haunting Wave as a closer and then just hold Q.

Unstable Poison, Clears minion/merc waves faster, as well as added damage to heroes near by.

Wailing Arrow, No need to explain.

Splinter Shot, Really helps with team fights and with Unstable Poison.

Blood for Blood, It was a toss up between this and Cold Embrace for a while, but 15% instant is a lot better for team fights/damage and you want to try and keep others at bay and shortening the range of Shadow Dagger brings you in a lot closer.

Deafening Blast, Seemed to run a lot better for me then Fury of the Storm did judging from all the times I swapped out the talents.

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