Sylvanas Assassinate Build by Amb1t1on

Sylvanas Assassinate Build

By: Amb1t1on
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2015
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Build: Sylvanas Assassinate Build

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The Birth Top

This is my first guide and will be updated as I play.

Please be patient and test things for yourself, this is a great character and I was very happy with the purchase. She has the smoothest gameplay flow, as all the abilities feel very useful together. I highly recommend this character to anybody, hopefully they make more based off this design.

Sprout Top


Here I will a list of the abilities, what they do, and why I chose them.

Growth Top

Lane running, team objective, dueling (1v1) vs specific classes.

Peak Top

Basic strategy, on specific maps.

Final Thoughts Top


Why should I spend $10 on this character?
- Well first of all this is the best deal out of any classes considering she cost 15,000 gold but only $9.99 while every other class cost 10,000 gold and still $9.99.
- Not only that but this class was well designed and the gameplay/abilities flow so nicely together you always have an ability to use, and its so OP vs Heroes/NPCs.

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