Sylvanas - BALLS OUT by Noruss

Sylvanas - BALLS OUT

By: Noruss
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2016
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So I put these up mostly to share with friends, so this is my first BALLS OUT spec.
I usually play pretty risky but am very careful with positioning, its important to play mindgames with your movements.

This is what I've been rolling with since I started playing her shortly after she came out.

Since she is such a demon at killing minions and disabling towers from the get go I never saw the need of more damage in that area.

With this spec you can reach very good damage, not Li-Ming maybe but like Zagara.

T1 Lost Soul
This together with cold embrace can make any tank melt away.

T4 Paralysis
This is useful when you apply it with Overwhelming Affliction.

T7 Life Drain
Good for the sustain, throw on a minion group and you got plenty more fight in you.

T10 Wailing Arrow
There can be only one.

T13 Overwhelming Affliction
They can never run away from you again.

T16 Cold Embrace
The nuke.

T20 Deafening Blast
What else

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