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Sylvanas - Team Fighting Focus

By: NexusTx
Last Updated: Oct 28, 2015
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Build: Sylvanas - Team Fighting Focus

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My Guide to a Team-Fighting Sylvanas. Top

This is my first guide for Heroes Of The Storm and I wanted to start with my favourite Hero Sylvanas. This build is mainly focused on Team Fights as I find Sylvanas can succeed with siege aswell as becoming a threat in team fights.

First Ability:
Level 1 Ability: Lost Soul

As this build will rely on Shadow Dagger a-lot, having the reduced cooldown by 2 seconds will come in handy later on.

Second Ability:
Level 4 Ability: Envenom

Envenom is a great addition to this build as it gives you the potential to burst down squishy assassins and apply pressure to the tanks that feel like the are immortal in team fights. It can also be used against the Healing Heroes to delay their team healing potential.

Third Ability:
Level 7 Ability: Life Drain

Life Drain is a great way to gain sustain in lane and during team fights. Without it you will become more vulnerable in team fights.

However Remorseless can be a second option if you prefer the more aggressive approach as it increases your basic attacks by 25% for 3 seconds. I have not tried this as much as I find it is more team orientated.

Fourth Ability:
Level 10 Ability: Wailing Arrow

As you will be focusing on team fights Wailing Arrow will provide the initial burst with the explosion dealing damage, plus the silence to delay enemy teams abilities and giving you that extra room to deal damage.

Possession is not something I would pick in a team fight build as it does not bring anything to the fights.

Fifth Ability:
Level 13 Ability: Overwhelming Affliction

This Ability will give your basic attacks a slow which can come in handy if they are running away with low health or if you want an escape. It can also help slow enemy heroes for your team to invade a Hero in lane before they can reach a safe distance and escape.

Take in to account Spell Shield is another option that can counter burst Heroes that can take you down in a few hits. This will reduce the ability damage taken after the first ability hits for 3 seconds, giving you room to either escape or in team fights survive long enough for you to reposition and continue applying the pressure.

Sixth Ability:
Level 16 Ability: Cold Embrace

Cold Embrace will make your Shadow Dagger gain an effect that will make the enemy Heroes take 25% more damage whilst losing 25% range. This is the key ability in team fights as it will open up your team to be able to gain an upper hand as it spreads to all nearby enemy Heroes.

Last Ability:
Level 20 Ability: Deafening Blast

This is basically an upgrade for your Wailing Arrow as it increases the silence to be twice as long as-well as increasing the damage to those at the centre of the explosion.


This Build is one that I find gives you the ability to team fight whilst maintaining you natural siege potential and pressure. The added sustain and burst can help in team fights giving you the ability to stay for longer and be less of a squishy target to go for.

I hope you can at-least gain some insight into why I believe this is one of the best ways to build Sylvanas in a team fight. I only created this build as a way to express my opinion and my play-style. If you can look at this build and modify it to your play-style then that's good enough for me.

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