Tassadar: Reliable, Unwavering, Stalwart, Trusty by mackinskor

Tassadar: Reliable, Unwavering, Stalwart, Trusty

By: mackinskor
Last Updated: Aug 20, 2015
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Build: En Taro Tassadar

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Introduction Top

T***adar was one of the first heroes I bought in HotS. I really enjoyed him as a character throughout the StarCraft series, so of course my heart is in it for him. With that being said, this is my first guide so I'm not going to get crazy, rather, I'd prefer to spend my time (and yours) talking about what works and why.

In general, I feel that if you're here reading, you already know a little about the game (if not a know-it-all), and you're just seeing what other play styles exist. I'm certain this isn't the first Tassadar build that is set up like this and I'm sure it won't be the last.

This guide works for me, especially since Tassadar is not much of a front-row mage. Only when you pop Archon mode should you consider going head-strong into a fight. He makes it very easy to be a terrific utility, as well as a good poker.

Remember the High Templar from Starcraft: Always stay back, always support, and DPS hard when the time is right.

En taro Tassadar!

Talents Top

Conjurer's Pursuit - Yes
  • The main reason for this is because late game, you simply do not want to run out of mana. This talent works because it allows you to stay in the fight OR bounce between lanes soaking HP. The less time at home base regenerating, the better. It also doesn't make you spend mana to regain a portion of it, like Psi-Infusion.
Psi-Infusion - Situational
  • The reason I do not go for this talent, but is still viable depending on your play style, is that casting more Psionic Storm means you are more involved with DPS in a fight. Later on in this build, I take Resonation- this means I can cast Psionic Storm as needed to ensure I get a slow if the team needs it, rather than hoping I hit a bunch of mobs. The regeneration just isn't the same.

Leeching Plasma - Yes
  • This is likely the more controversial pick but I choose this for the single reason that it is useful when you are staying back and allowing an Assassin or Tank take the brunt of the hits and the action. You don't want to take many hits, there's no point, don't waste the shield on yourself unless it's an emergency. I like this talent because although the HP regeneration isn't insane, it also means that your party doesn't have to try and fight in the Healing Ward radius. It also works as a supplemental heal to other healers like Malfurionor Li Li.
Healing Ward - Situational
  • This is the popular choice, but for the reasons outlined above, I just find it usable in a different situation. Honestly, these two could go either way, and it really comes down to your play style with Tassadar.

Khala's Embrace - Yes
  • I really like the synergy of this talent with Leeching Plasma and that's really all I have to say about that. Well, I suppose, too, that it's nice to have additional shields hanging around going into battle.
Deep Shift - Situational
  • I have never used this but have considered it. Consider it if you find yourself constantly the focus during team fights.

Archon - Yes
  • Power Overwhelming, if for no other reason. It gives you a huge boost to DPS and survivability, it's really a no-brainer.
Force Wall - No
  • I've seen this a few times in the past week and I guess I get it, but it's better suited for you escaping rather than trapping an opponent. If the opponent is on the run you could easily pop ult and burst down, and if they're going to escape, so be it. This isn't League where KBs mean a lot more. Try out Force Wall if you haven't before, but I just don't think it is worth it compared to Archon.

Prescience - Yes
  • This level of talents has some talent, and it really depends on your play style, ally/enemy makeup, and how the game is going by now. I like Prescience just as a fail-safe if getting focused or if Dimensional Shift is on cool down.
Distortion Beam - Situational
  • Take this if you don't plan on taking Resonation. Otherwise, I don't bother with it, but it has it's uses.
Shrink Ray - Situational
  • A more offensive selection in that it allows for squishing Tanks that are too high of a level to break through. I have used this and I like it, but if I'm not playing aggressively, I stick with Prescience.

Resonation - Yes
  • One of my favorite talents because I rarely see it picked, which means your enemy is not expecting it. Normally, enemies can walk through a Psionic Storm and not worry that much. However, with Resonation, they have a reason to stay out of PS and lets you force some pathing. A Force Wall without the wall.
  • The other thing is, if we could combine Resonation with Second Strike, we would be in business! But we can't, and this isn't an offensive build.
Evasive Shielding - Situational
  • I have never used this talent but I have often thought about it. I want to use it sometime. See how the game is going, you may need to buff your allies speed rather than reduce the speed of your enemies. Mild Synergy with Plasma Shield.
Dimensional Warp - Situational
  • Aptly named. If you've taken Deep Shift due to focus fire, feel free to take this baby and help your team out by stayin' alive, but not like the Bee Gees.

I don't have a favorite pick here, so let's go through the situational picks:
Twilight Archon - Situational
  • Ahh, still a better love story than Twilight. I take this if we are rocking the other team and I am being supported by other support classes.
Storm Shield - Situational
  • If I did take a level 20 talent more than the others it is probably this talent only because it's usable almost no matter what type of fight is going on. Actually, now that I think about it, I probably split Storm Shield and Twilight Archon evenly.
Rewind - Situational
  • This is the fun talent that let's you keep shields up and keep slowing opponents (if you've followed my guide so far). Who needs Second Strike? But seriously, this can be a life saver if you need to pop another shield on an ally. Consider it.

Gameplay Top

For this guide, Tassadar's play style is almost always going to be dependent on your team makeup compared to the enemy team makeup.

Early Game

Early on I try to get a watchtower with my team then head to a lane. If a level 1 team fight occurs, I try to get as many cheap shots in with my ranged attack, as well as Psionic Storm since it can sometimes be that last hit. Give it a whirl then hit the regeneration pool if necessary. Since you specced into Conurer's Pursuit, you have plenty of time to cast and regenerate mana while laning (or roam-supporting).


I do more of the same of Early Game except that I am less afraid to get closer in team fights. Having the escape mechanisms from Khala's Embrace and Dimensional Shift, there's no reason to play timidly. Don't be Rambo, but play like you've got a pair if ya feel me, dawg.

End Game

Keep doing what you're doing, All-Star. You've got the team on your back and you're also keeping enemies slowed. Pop Archon when the tide is starting to turn in your teams favor and help your Assassins finish the job. Don't forget to slow with Resonation while in Archon mode.

Conclusion Top

OK, wow, we made it.

That's it from me, I'd love some comments and questions. I'd be happy to clarify anything I may have not made clear.

What can I say? I'm a Protoss and StarCraft lover. Now, bring us our Zealot hero, Fenix! (I'd even take him as a Dragoon :))

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