Team Lane Push/Line of Sight by Evilreaper

Team Lane Push/Line of Sight

By: Evilreaper
Last Updated: Oct 29, 2014
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Threats to Zagara with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Zeratul Depending on how good you are at spotting him and if your ult is up you can win or lose
Illidan Just a matter of escaping if you can and using health regen to stay alive
  No Threat
Nova Another be sure to look at, if you happen to get drop save ult if she tries to use triple tap
  No Threat

Overall Top

In the spirit of map objectives and helping the team I went off the beaten path and decided you know what lets try something else for a change. Zagara has several talents that are great, but I have not seen a lot of people use the Creep Talents as much.

With this build and an decent team you will do several things

1. LOS on map - Creep Tumor spread further and faster and cost nothing so you can have almost half the way always out of fog of war. Helps to ambush and not get caught off guard

2. Movement speed, no mana cost and Health regen helps so much for lane pushing early to late game.

3. Being able to make the other team pay attention to you helps them not stay focused

So on to the build its simple enough

Level 1 Talent

Health regen is actually noticeable and good for lane pushing

Level 4 Talent

Tumor Clutch
No cost creep and reduced cooldown, great for spreading more around and saving mana for your minions

Level 7 Talent

Endless Creep
Spreads like wildfire and gives larger LOS on map

Level 10 Talent

Devouring Maw
CC on at least 1 hero in a Team fight is great, however nydus network could work also if you are comfortable with your team comp

Level 13 Talent

Giant Killer
I look at this 2 ways, other than spell shield each other one only does dmg if you have the mana to spend and for a short time, Giant Killer is always on so not as much burst but sustained dmg.

Level 16 Talent

Metabolic Boost
The movement speed is awesome for pushing lanes, escaping, getting to mercs etc, by the way you move so fast you out run the shaman in wolf form :)

Level 20 Talent

Your Pick the only place you can really just pick what you need most to end the game

Well just thought I would throw this out there and see if anyone else has tried this and had as much success as I have with it.

Good luck and good hunting

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