Teleports and Orbs! by Cheekun

Teleports and Orbs!

By: Cheekun
Last Updated: Feb 6, 2016
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Kurasami | February 5, 2016 1:31pm
I think you have some very valid points but your missing out on a lot of free survivability.
free teleport and shorter cd?
talent to add dmg to teleport in aoe?
basic dmg buff on hitting missile?
25% health shield?
further teleport..
archon and free infi beam?

sorry but for me u missed out on a lot.
Li Ming is very situational and relying on orbs only is a waste - whenever i see an orb i walk into it to make its dmg less unless i can avoid it completely
and focusing almost every talent on it is just silly..

however turning teleport into an offensive weapon makes up for the dmg u loose on the orb.. turning it into a shield generator every 2 sec makes dueling most people easy.
want to avoid that triple tap? press ur E haha worried about getting burst press e..
want to chase for a kill? press e
add some dmg on teleport and u get free wave clear

granted the first talent isnt needed - having the 100% mana is soo good.
but i hate when people make builds without going into more options.
seen so many people take this build and fail so hard because i E into their face and practically turn thier main dps into nothing.

if u have safety and no one that can dive into you orb build can work.. but if u take orb build vs zert illa or a more experienced li ming.. or sonya.. chen u are going to get crushed.
no ifs or buts.

so please modify ur guide - i like it was written well but just missed some things.
for the record. with more talents into teleport you really can duel - and a free disintegrate at lvl 20? way more powerful than the 20% buff - push lanes faster - more overall dmg in tf - keeps urself at longer range... rapes objectives and towers.
Jerross | February 18, 2016 2:51pm
I play orb build, like this one, but with a few differences. I take glass cannon and the disintegrate slow at 20. Sure some people have engage, and they do get me every now and then. But its about how you play more than simply taking the teleport build because god forbid something hits you. I don't go into fights first, that's stupid. I sit outside, wait for the fight to start, then circle and throw an orb, 3 sec cd, their dps is either running away or for me, teleport and another orb, they're dead. If it is someone with engage, I slow them past 20. In all honesty, I tried the teleport build first to get used to Li Ming on day one, then ditched it for nuke em orb build. I prefer doing 50k more dmg than the enemy Li Ming who took tele build and is still dying constantly. My main issue is not people with engage like Illidan, it is Gazlowe and Zagara with 10 different extra "minions" to aim past.
Cheekun | February 6, 2016 4:40pm
Thanks for the reply Kurasami,

-I don't opt for the teleport talent in the first tier because both of its benefits require you to be out of combat in the first place. However, i can see it's applications in avoiding ganks and getting away from approaching characters such as zeratul. I'll add a section discussing the benefits of taking it
-My second recommended build takes the damage talent for teleport
-Basic damage for missiles is worth noting and i'll add it to my talents section describing pros and cons
-I have a section in its appropriate tier that actually says to take the teleport shield it if the other team is focusing you or the other team has a zera/greymane.
-The build literally takes the further teleport
-I'll add a section that discusses it (I don't like it because it makes you vulnerable to ganks)

I added multiple talent discussions talking about alternative choices in each tier. I highly suspect you skimmed a majority of my guide and probably missed my second build entirely. I firmly believe that gaming Li-Mings orbs and hitting your missile combos is paramount I say so in multiple places.

Teleport talents are absolutely vital if the other team has a zera/illidan/greymane. I've never had issues with sonya chen or other Li-Mings. Sonya only has one way to gap close, so does chen. Very easy to teleport away and be in the clear

I will gladly take your valid points into consideration and tweak my guide a bit.
Goffterdom (3) | February 3, 2016 2:52pm
Why not Glass Cannon in 13 if you're going for a poke build?
Cheekun | February 3, 2016 9:40pm
Personally I feel like the build has plenty of damage even without it, you simply give up too much health for the boost. The build centers around having a reliable escape because Li-Ming simply can't take being focused. Taking the talent will only get you killed faster, and taking it means you give up Illusionist. I've escaped so many times with a a tiny fraction of health because of Illusionist both because it helped me escape and frankly Glass Cannon would of meant i was dead.
zFlix | February 3, 2016 9:14am
Yo Cheekun! I've been rockin this build or similar with Li-Ming as well, and lovin it XD.

I wanted to ask a couple questions and propose a couple alts :-)

1st have you actually seen Triumvirate go off as often as you would expect?
Based on the description, it sounds like it should drop the cooldown rather consistently after Arcane Orb (due to the wording "at least 80% of it's base range"), but I've hit heroes at the outter edge of the last circle in the skill shot, after getting Arcane Orb and not seen a cooldown reduction. If there is anything you've observed in this regard, please let me know XD

With that said, I've been leaning toward taking Dominance over Triumvirate, even though I'd prefer Triumvirate. Dominance can lead to a really fun snowball in a team fight though. Once you get the first take down, your cooldowns all reset, and you will usually have more than half health, and are ready to keep taking them down.

I am also toying with another alt that I think could be really strong:

Because while I love having Disintegrate, just up to finish off a running opponent, it seems like it would be really nice to have 2 Ults available to you, and avatar mode is just flat out OP for siege, and objectives.
I'm getting decent at going in and out of Avatar mode smoothly, and it's much less of a pain than say Siege Mode as Hammer.

Just wanted to share thoughts XD thanks for putting up this build!
Cheekun | February 3, 2016 9:54pm
I really appreciate your constructive response, and I'm glad your enjoying the build.

I've noticed it too, quite frequently I feel like it should go off more often, it seems to only really go off when the outside edge of the explosion hits an enemy hero at absolute max range. My bet is Triumvirate is going to be the skill cap choice; you'll prefer it when your consistently hitting those long range arcane orb snipes, something I'm still working on. I'm actually going to upload a video when i expand the guide tonight or tomorrow (hopefully, working a new job so time is tight until tomorrow) elaborating on arcane orb usage and showing some of my amazing snipes I've hit so far. Hopefully it will emphasize how devastating the build can be if you're aware of the map and your spacing.

As for Dominance, it really competes with Ess for everyday "Quick Match" use. Dominance is amazing for late game teamfights or early to mid game objective fights, However if you aren't getting those kills but instead pushing teams off objectives instead, it loses value. Wereas Ess lets you hit your arcane orb arcane missiles combo for free and gives you an option to use orb at least then ideal ranges as the combo does respectable damage late game and hits like a truck early game.

In regards to Avatar, I like the talent in theory but i feel like people will catch onto it after awhile. Focusing you because they know you can't escape. Very much like Hammer like you mentioned. If your team needs some lane push, its a very solid choice and having both ultimates is awesome.

I feel like their could be something to say about learning to use and incorporating Wave of Force occasionally. As having a knockback could be amazing for spacing, escape and setting up fights. I'ts a true tossup though as baseline Wave of Force doesn't knockback quite enough and Disintegrate is just too good for securing kills. I'm gonna play a dozen or so games using it just to see if i can't make it work.

Anyway, off to drafting some updates to this guide; primarily talking about the importance of map awareness, probably going to start working on threats as well.
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