The burtsty mobile assassin by KalELGaming

The burtsty mobile assassin

By: KalELGaming
Last Updated: Dec 20, 2014
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Threats to Falstad with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Valla You can beat her. But you have to manage you cds correctly. miss one autoattack and your dead
  No Threat
Nova If you initiate, you can kill her.
Tychus fly away from his overkill range. if you eat it all you are dead
Illidan he is a pain in the ass. try to nuke him down fast because you cant escape him
Zeratul same. Try to nuke him down. you cant escape him
  No Threat

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Early Game Top

1) You have long auto attack range. try to poke as much as you can

2) use your flight to get to other lanes and ambush when they dont expect it .

3) try to be a bit defensive you dont have your ulti yet.

4) Barrel Roll CD is precious. Waste it and you can die in the next seconds

Mid Game Top

1) Your lvl 1 ulti is pretty potent! Dont underestimate it !

2) Keep using Flight as much as you can for objectives,Mercenary camps and ambushes

3) Rewind is extremely potent in conjunction with your W ! Use it to evaporate the dpses and use your ulti to finish them! If you dont miss, they wont escape.

End Game Top

1) Your ulti can reach across the map and does ****tons of dmg! use it wisely and keep practicing those skillshots !

2) Watch your potitioning in battle. Even though you have rewind and you can use Barrel Roll two times dont get greedy. Also remember that your passive needs some seconds in order to start running

3) Participate in most teamfights possible! if you have to let someone else get the mercenaries! You dmg is precious when it gets to the late game.

Tips n' Tricks Top

1) Flight is one of the most potent tools you have! Use it all the time and zip through the battlefield

2) Barrel Roll can pass you through walls! Remember that!

3) Remember the Shield that your E gives you. It might save your life!!

4) Remember that if a game is very very close and the enemy nexus is nearly dead , you may dont need to spawn a terror etc. just go through the jungle unnoticed and then use flight to get to the nexus! With your rewind ability and your skills you may be able to burst it down and win the game for your team :)

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