The Butcher - Aah... FRESH MEAT!! by Lowan

The Butcher - Aah... FRESH MEAT!!

By: Lowan
Last Updated: Jul 1, 2015
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The Butcher

Build: Aah... FRESH MEAT!!

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Introducing Top

Hi all. It's me, Lowan again.

Today I'll guide for our newest hero: The Butcher. Since he's a boss in Diablo III, he has pretty good skills and nukabilities. Let's see what he's got...

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Talent Descriptions Top

First of all I have to say that, this build is one-way build. This means the talent rotation is perfect and you won't need to make any changes.

Chop Meat: This is great because with this, Hamstring will deal more damage to minions (this means quicker XP contribution in early game) and also make minions drop more Meat (which boosts Fresh Meat )

Cheap Shot: This doubles the damage when enemy has STATUS. It's useful when STATUS giver allies. ALSO with ulti.

Brutal Strike: Deals 50% more Basic Attack damage after using Hamstring will slay your enemies who tries to escape with little health.

Lamb to the Slaughter: Furnace Blast is good but this one's the best for this build. This is not giving STATUS to enemy but makes sure that they cannot escape from any STATUS skill's range. ALSO good opportunity for nuke!

Crave Flesh: If you used Butcher's Brand on enemy, it boosts you with 30% more move speed. Useful when you need to be faster.

Blood Frenzy: This boosts you with attack speed as you collect Meats. With this and the one above, both attack and move speed boosts will be provided.

Slaughterhouse: Read the talent name. No comment.

Skill Rotation Top

In early game, use Hamstring for gathering meats and experiences. I suggest you to not chasing enemies. Let them think you're playing passively. They will cry out loud.

When you reach 4th level (this means you can pick T2 talent), start hanging with heroes who has STATUS skills like Malfurion's Entangling Roots. Try to not be a trooper of team fights. You'll do your best when enemy took damage.

When you get your T3 talent, you can start chasing solo enemies. Don't forget to use Hamstring and Basic Attack combo.

When you get your ULTI ( Lamb to the Slaughter) you can do trooping now. Use it for escapists so they won't be able to runaway, and since they're squishy (that's why they are escapists), it provides easy kill.

When you reach 20th level (which means ultimate talent) and get MAYHEM!

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