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The Crusade Marches On

By: AlphaSway
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2016
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The Crusade Marches On Top

Hey guys and gals,

I'd like to share with you a very straightforward Johanna build... You're building her so she doesn't die.

Her normal abilities already interrupt and blind your opponents, and you have a 20 second "nope" ... Her heroic can either engage or disengage depending on the situation at hand. Overall, I believe she is one of the most underrated heroes in the game.

You roam with her primarily in the beginning for this build as she'll be globe trotting until at least 7 or 8 stacks of Regeneration Master, then you'll be able to facetank just about anything with our without a healer.

Early game, you'll want to keep Iron Skin free if you over-extend or get caught up in a 3v1 and need that extra 4 seconds of escape.

Mid game you'll be good to dive in with Falling Sword then Condemn to interrupt, if the fight is looking as if it's in your opponent's favor, simply walk away and use Laws of Hope and Iron Skin, otherwise continue to engage and use Shield Glare.

Lanes will be very simple:

Open with Shield Glare step up to your next health globe with Condemn, walk away then turn around and swat them with a Punish ... lather, rinse, repeat. After you get to 13 and pick up Hold Your Ground life gets easier facetanking and spamming Iron Skin even if you're in lanes with mobs and enemy heroes, use Iron Skin first, by the time you cycle through your abilities you'll have anywhere from 6 to 10 seconds before Iron Skin is ready to use again. So the key here simply is to pace yourself, you'll find your groove in no time.

Late game (before 20) you'll actually swap Falling Sword with Shield Glare as you'll be mounted up and charging into battle, once dismounted, use Condemn then Punish, you'll have their full and undivided attention at this point, running back toward your team you'll use Shield Glare and the chase is on (if there are 3 of them, they'll think they've got you) simply use Iron Skin if it's hectic, Laws of Hope and if it looks bleak just Falling Sword at max distance away from them, keep clicking further away as you have about a 2 second delay before you land ... mount up, and off you go to get a safe enough distance to either hearth or hit the fountain. Charge right back into battle, but just remember you won't have Falling Sword for another 40 seconds or so (depending on how fast you get back into the fight) it could be more.

After 20 and you decide that going ham is the best option and you are going to rely on your Indestructible to proc only to use Falling Sword back into the enemy heroes and not away from them... You will want to discuss this with your team before you pull this off as they'll most likely question your tactics.

Not going ham, you'll follow the same "before 20" strategy and use Falling Sword to disengage which should definitely be used if both Iron Skin and Laws of Hope are both on cooldown.

I build Johanna like this for a few reasons:

#1 - it's personal preference, I think she's got so many great abilities as it is, build on them.
#2 - she's a tank, tanks don't DPS, they're built to stay in the fight as long as humanly possible and take as much damage as they can in the process.
#3 - after getting her to level 10 I believe I have earned the right to put my two cents up on the interwebs.


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