The Fire Lord by Muscogee

The Fire Lord

By: Muscogee
Last Updated: Aug 21, 2015
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Build: Fire is my Friend

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Threats to Kael'thas with this build

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Tyrael He can ult you to single you out...
Nova Can insta give you if your not paying attention on oyur position.
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Kael'thas is probably my best assasssin, what makes me good with KT is my position and my ability to see the fight as a whole and not tunnel. I have been able to put out a minimum of 75k Hero damage in a 20 minute game. I have reached as high as 217k hero damage before the patch. This new patch you have to be better at position and calculating the fight. living bomb spread, double tap your living bomb to any champion that is near the squisheys to spread fire to everyone, this can be the turning point in any team fight. think about your position at all times.... things should be going through your head while in a team fight, position, rebuttal, damage, and DAMAGE. Most KTs mess up by blowing their phoenix placement too early, do not engage a phoenix to early, because if the enemy team has disengage, their goes 30% of your damage output sustain. assassins have have to position properly because they are the focus in most cases. win your position, win the game.

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