The Great Chronormu: Team Wiper by oostin

The Great Chronormu: Team Wiper

By: oostin
Last Updated: May 18, 2016
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Build: Dragon's Wrath

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Threats to Chromie with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Murky Easy one shot
The Lost Vikings Easy stacks when grouped and easy one shots split lane.
Sgt. Hammer sitting duck, can easily poke her with skill shots
Li-Ming Just have to juke her skill shots and she's a piece of cake.
  No Threat
Greymane Keep your distance
  No Threat
Tracer Can be a pain to land shots on
  No Threat

Why Dragon's Breath build? Top

I have over 3.3k games played, own every hero, and have each hero to level 9 or higher. Let's jsut say i have some experience with the HotS but don't let me tell you how to play the game. Do what you're comfortable with!

I like to use this build because it helps me focus on landing my W's for the combo which helps put out more damage in my opinion. Using a pure Q build makes it a little harder for me to get the most out of Chromie's damage potential because I focus more on landing my Sand Blast and hardly end up throwing my Dragon's Breath or when I do just end up missing. With this build I really focus on landing my AoE and cast Sand Blast right into my target's face.

Pros and Cons Top

High burst damage, nice range, great kill secure

Very squishy, sometimes difficult to gain stacks against highly mobile comps, low mobility, Mana guzzler

How to play Chromie Top

Just as if you were playing Li Ming or any other caster, you want to stay in the back lines. Due to her lack of mobility, i find it best to use your Time Trap near where you're poking the enemy team from just incase a The Butcher or any other dive hero tries to chase you to give you an opportunity for escape. Another way to use your trap for example is to plant it in a bush/fog when expecting the enemy to come so your team can ambush them. For example, Shrines have popped and you're in bot lane on dragon shire, plant it in the bush closest to the enemy side and wait for the helpless enemy to walk into it and be rained on with pain(you could also have your R set down on the objective to help secure shots or escape if things go badly).

I find it best to lane with someone who can root your targets such as Malfurion or Xul. Those allies can really help secure kills quite easily. Your combo is very simple. Dragon's Breath then Sand Blast right after. It's quick and does a ton of damage. It's always best to drop your Dragon's Breath where you'll hit the most targets to gain Deep Breathing stacks quickly and put out massive damage on your enemies.

As for grabbing camps, Chromie isn't the best for that. She's basically that extra smack to get the camp down a bit faster so don't waste your time trying to solo camps. Wait for your team to help with them or just let your specialist take care of it.

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