The immortal Diablo build by Adpa

The immortal Diablo build

By: Adpa
Last Updated: Jun 6, 2015
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Why "Devastating Charge" instead of "Soul Steal"?

When you're for example level 30, you'll "only" recive a around 800 hp bonus from this spell, yes that's something, but compare it to reducing every single cc for a time, after you intiate is just pure gold/i]

When should I go for "Lightning Breat" and when should I go for "Apocalypse"?

Both of Diablos ultys are great, but they're both better than the other in a certian scenario. For example do you see a Kael'Thas who's running "Pyroblast", you could take in consideretion to level it instead of breath, as it will stop his ulti from being channeled. Yet another reason to go for apo is when they have many annoying squishy heroes like Valla and Sylvanas. If you feel like they'll just leap away from your ulti, it's just better to go for apo. But in the most cases you will go for breath, as Diablo, as a tank, is lacking a ton of damage. It's a aoe spell that can do easily over 2000 damage, while also making you "Unstoppable"

Why no "Hellstorm" at level 20 if "Lightning Breath" now is that good?

It's a big plus that it reaches longer, but that extra duration is often not necessary. If they for some reason stayed in the fire, they should already be dead, and if they're not completly mentally challenged they should've gone out of it before. Even when you'll have an etc with mosh pit, etc stuns for 4 seconds, and you normally channels for 4 seconds as well, so you'll most likely miss the last part. And not only does "Lord of Terror" deal loads of damage, it also lifesteals, thus making you more tanky.

What's the porpuse of this build?

You're actually immortal. You only need 60 charges of souls to revive in 5 seconds, and when you've died you start with 40 souls, so you only neet to "gather" 20 souls to be in range again. Most of the time you already have 100 souls, so you'll be safe, and once you die, you onl need to assist in 2 kills to be there again, making it so you very rarly die. I've been in around 20 games in a row without having to wait those 60 seconds. The build actually makes you immortal.

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