The Mighty Shieldstorm by Clive

The Mighty Shieldstorm

By: Clive
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2014
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Build: Shields, shields everyhere!

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The Build Top

Hey Guys,
the idea behind this build is, to generate as many shields as possible and do insane damage at the same time, most of the damage will come from your basic attacks i think. This build scales very well into late game and is a bit weak in the earlie game. Once you have learned all your talents you nearly cant die in a teamfight. It's often better to survive longer instead of dieing instantly, with this build your team gets an tanky assasin and like i said before, the damage combined with your sustain is insane!

level 1 talent: Siphoning Impact
i choose Siphoning Impact for sustain, you can stay in jungle/lane longer and in late game you can use Ravage every 3-4 seconds.

level 4 talent: Focused attack
Every 10 seconds you get 50% more dmg on you basic attack. This scales very well with Battle Momentum and Double Strike and your passive.

level 7 talent: Battle Momentum
it scales very well with the next talents i choose! Because of Battle Momentum you are able to use Ravage so often.

level 10 talent: Maelstrom
its not good in a 1v1 and its not so effektive in earlie game. I explain it later why i choose this.

level 13 talent: double strike
i choose this, cause now in a fight we use a abillitie and do a auto attack(AA) another abillitie AA and so on. So we get a huge amount of extra damage+cdr (cool down reduction) on our spells to use them again and again. You get very strong in 1v1 situations at this point. Your passive scales very well (you get a shield for 10% the damage u have done).

level 16 talent: Aggressive Defense
Now it gets frustrating for your enemies. You get a 100% bigger shield by your basic abilieties, means by your q,w,e. You usually are able to use them every 3 to 4 seconds cause of Battle Momentum. This is the point when u are able to fight a 1v2 or if u are many levels ahead a 1v3.

level 20 talent: Omegastorm
in teamfights you get nearly unkillable, even when you ae focused by 3-4 members of the enemy team. All abilities gets you a huge shield, Maelstrom generates Shields fpr you all the time and your AA's do 50% more dmg after a abilitie so you get a 50% bigger shield. You also get a 5% heal by Ravage. And dont forget the 50% extra dmg+shield by focused attack ;)

How to play this build Top

This build unleash it's power when u got your last talent. So be careful in the earlie game. You can jump into a fight and leave before your shields got destroyed, wait for your cooldwons to get ready and go in again.
Be sure to do an AA before you use your next abilitie. Hold your Ravage (q) on cooldwon in fight, to profit from Siphoning Impact.
In late game jump into your enemys, use your Maelstrom and focus down their carries. Everytime focus their carrys. You can easylie jump to them with your q.

The basic rotation is:

if u feel save to land your W you can use it before you use E
Because this build is not very strong until level 13-16 it often helps to jump onto your enemy, use your rotation Q,AA,E,AA,W,AA and go out of the fight again. you usually win the trade because of your shields. Then you can wait to get your cooldowns ready again. this works well against meeles.

In fights it feels like you have no CDR on your abilities, can be difficult to use all abilities when they get ready again. just practice :)

About me Top

Im playing LoL and im new to HotS.
Im from Germany and i wrote this guide without any dictionary, cause im kind of a lazy person, what i am trying to say is, that i dont want to have a lesson in english grammatic or spelling .

Feel free to criticise my build!
I hope you like it and it works for you as well as it does for me

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