The most beloved of the Archangels by KingArrudar

The most beloved of the Archangels

By: KingArrudar
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2017
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Talents Top

LVL 1.
Alway's take Searing light.
Increasing clarity is bad for multiple reasons. First you have to expose yourself to the enemy team in order to get quest stacks, then the game is half over when you complete it.
Searing light gives you insane damage for a support if you cast it on both your teammates and the enemy heroes when they are both in melee range of each other. With it's range you can cast it on escaping enemies who have a sliver of HP left, but that's risky.
Also provides additional wave clear, But it's a waste if you're not healing ppl at the same time.

LVL 4.
You don't need +15% sweep radius, and you have other ppl to deal damage for you.
Always take the additional 3 second slow.

You'd think that glimmer of hope is an odd choice, but it's actually secret OP.
If you get maximum energy and then charge that up with a globe, it's 800 AOE Healing and 30% of that is potentially damage. Then after that your next healing will be 400 plus whatever energy you get.

LVL 10
Aegis always, lest thee be noob
But the bad thing about Aegis is that it can allow the enemy team to set up their skillshots.
Wait till after Zuljin uses his tazdingo.

LVL 13
What is the situation with the enemy teams auto attackers?
If you're going up against heroes like butcher, Zuljin or a graymane that likes to be in wolf form, then you need blinding flash. But if it's just a valla it's not likely that you will get close enough to blind them.
Otherwise, get the 35% increase of distance on your detainment strike.

LVL 16
Who is the carry on your team at this point?
Do they need attack speed? will they benefit from spell power?
If your carrys are something like Tychus and Guldan. Then take spellpower.
Sometimes Auto attacking champions like Tychus or Valla deal damage with their abilities.
But if your Zuljin, illidan or butcher are doing well then take the attack speed buff. Their DPS will be insane.

LVL 20
If you get shield of hope off at the right time, then the enemy team will never be able to secure a kill.

Detainment strike Top

Detainment strike:

This is a tool for CC, disengage/peel and breaking up enemy channeled abilities like ETC's mosh pit.
Be patient.

Always be searching for the set up of the detainment strike ambush.
The best places to set up for the detainment strike is:
Lost temple: The bushes just above the bottom temple.
Dragon shire: Various areas in the shrines and jungle.
Braxis holdout: Position yourself in the fog area between the beacons and the boss.

Synergies Top

Auriel excels with champions that deal Damage over time.
Guldan #1 for his corruption.
Nazeebo will easily give you full energy outside of a teamfight.
Lunara can auto attack once and use Q then slowly give you good energy
Leoric can give surprising energy if he gets his grasp off.

Bestow hope has a one second cooldown.
Switch between champions liberally

Nazeebo Zombie wall
Leoric Entomb
Tassadar wall.

If you can get one of these off then that particular champion is truly ****ed.

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