There's Always Hope! In depth Auriel Guide (D.Va Patch) by SangoProductions

There's Always Hope! In depth Auriel Guide (D.Va Patch)

By: SangoProductions
Last Updated: May 16, 2017
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Threat Hero Notes
Auriel You read this guide. You got this! Also, remember that these threat ratings are relative to one another. So Sonya might be less threatening than Gul'dan, but that doesn't mean they aren't at all. Do note that Auriel, generally, doesn't interact with the enemies anywhere near as much as she interacts with her team (she is a support after all).
  No Threat
Sonya She loves to be in melee. You have a knock back. Miss it and you're screwed though. Also, she's got that stun spear that pulls her to you. You can interrupt that with the knockback.
Lunara Supports counter Lunara. She just doesn't do burst damage, which means you have a chance to heal it up. If she gets you guys while you're fleeing, you're kinda screwed though, as you can neither generate healing, nor escape.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Alarak A half decent Alarak can combo in to his pull/silence with relative ease, with there being nothing you can do other than stand away from him. Thankfully, you just need your allies to soak that combo, and you can heal them. He silences you though? Just hope his team doesn't follow up.
Varian The permanent, point-and-click lock down he's got going on is annoying. Also, if you're into Quick Match, you'll likely not have a tank to match him.
  No Threat
Li Li Wow. Those buffs though... She was just a cute little panda girl one patch, and the next she's on the top of the damage charts, and still has healing on the side. Scary.
Gul'dan You would be hard pressed to outheal his damage, and he can outsustain you fairly well. I'd say he's pick or ban (preferably pick).

Table of Contents Top

Introduction Top

I'm Sango Cross. I play MOBAs quite a bit (mostly because I have more time than money, and getting to high ranks is kinda satisfying, even as the world crashes down upon you). I've made 2 guides a while ago, when I was one-tricking Kael'thas (and he's now like level 100 or so on my account in 2.0). Here, and here.

I must admit, I kinda stopped playing after they stripped all the talent diversity from him, and many of his strategic options (even when they were trying to "buff" talents). There just weren't interesting decisions to be made from game to game nor was he flexible in his approach - just damage or damage. So boring!

Came back for 2.0, and played Auriel in one of the fancy new challenge map things. Instantly fell in love. I think she's got the most viably diverse set of talents in the game,
and on top of that, she can spec to fill slightly different roles based on the talents! AND SHE HAS NO MANA!!!!! I love it! Please give Dawngate back!



Do you want a support that can effectively give your best damage dealer around 200% lifesteal? Do you want half decent wave clear, and peeling options for your carries (and self)?
Do you want to do all of that without mana? Do you have faith that your team will not bail, and will keep fighting to fuel your insatiable lust for violence?

Then Auriel is the pick for you!

Basic Abilities and Tactics Top

As a general note: Auriel is a cooldown-based hero, with no mana. That means you need to have the foresight to think 10-20 seconds in the future to determine if you're going to need your abilities again. If you will, then don't waste your abilities. If you won't, then go ahead, it's not costing you anything.

Bestow Hope is your trait, as well as basically being the workhorse of her kit. Place it on the friendly target who is most likely to do a lot of damage, and you will gain 40% of their damage to heroes (+8% of damage to everything else) as energy. The same also applies to you, but you don't deal near as much dps nor is it that safe for the support to be on the frontlines.

Advanced Trick: If you can manage to keep track of everything, you can switch around your passive to new targets that are going to be generating more energy in that 0.5 second window before switching back to your main hat target. For instance, if you see Li Ming's W about to hit a group of enemy heroes, take your hat off of the Guldan who's siphoning the life of minions.

...Also, don't just hat one target. Your "main" hat target should be the best "in general" at this moment in time, and switch to burst champions as they are bursting.

Sacred Sweep is your Q ability, and to be entirely honest, it's quite...underwhelming...on it's own, at least. Essentially, it's got 2 parts, the half circle in front of you, and the roughly quarter circle in front of you. These two parts overlap, so if at level 1 you hit someone in the center of the shot, you'll deal ~80 damage for the half circle, and ~160 damage for the quarter circle, for a total of ~240. That's still not much for a slow, basically melee, AoE for a squishy support that's on a long cool down (by default).

However, it synergizes exceedingly well with your trait. Hitting minion waves with this can provide about half of your energy pool in the early levels, which can, assuming you've got a decent lane pressure partner, mean that you can win the lane through attrition. Also, its only resource use is the cooldown...and time spent casting it (which is only a problem during team fights vs dive-ish comps, when you might wanna reposition more). In general, it is best to only use this when you are not being pressured, because of the cast time.

Ray of Heaven is your W ability, and is the way you transform your workhorse's work in to bread for your team. This heals targets in a moderately small radius around your curser equal to your energy pool, expending it in the process. It's relatively easy to hit your entire team if you're in a team fight, unless you have exceptionally long-ranged heroes such as Li Ming.

I can not tell you how many times people just don't take in to account your RoH when committing to a fight. So they think they are winning...then you drop the 3000-9000 point heal, and they just cry. The problem more often lies in your team bailing when they are getting low, than your ability to save them. Yes, 9000 points of healing (across multiple heroes) in a single cast is relatively easy later in the game.

Detainment Strike is your E ability, and separates the good from the bad/meh Auriels. It's a horrifically tiny line skill shot which knocks back the first hero it hits. It also stuns people if they are knocked in to a wall. Ah Auriel, you little devil, you. Diablo did this first. At least she's got range on it.

The lower tier players are basically never going to get value out of this, because it's rather hard to land, period, let alone stun someone which takes positioning and forethought, which they, in general, lack. And if you're a higher tier player, then you are probably paying attention to Auriel and won't let her stun them. It's still a great disengage tool though, and only gets better with talents.

Player generated walls work for the purpose of stunning someone, so that's useful, and can make a zombie wall infinitely more deadly.


Talent Rankings Explained Top

First off, I make the ranking based off of how it will apply to every situation, regardless of skill, or how the game is going, or whom you're up against. Anything that modifies the ability to be higher or lower ranking will be explained on a case-by-case basis. Also, the ranking is about the relative strength to what's in the talent tier, rather than an absolute "this is op" or "this is well balanced, and a healthy talent".

pastarific from Reddit suggested a change in the color code, and was supported by others in that suggestion, so sure.

Blue This is the best ability. No matter what the situation, you should pick this.
Green This is a great ability. It's pretty solid.
Yellow This is mostly situational (perhaps even underwhelming), but it isn't bad.
Orange This is...not so good. Has fewer situations in which it is usable, and/or those situations aren't exactly obvious to spot.
Red It's a trap! Run~~


Talents Top

The Team Fight tag I have under the talents details how they change your approach to team fights. And the Synergies tag speaks on the guessed it, synergies of the talent with others later down the line. When to pick it details special situations where you would prefer to pick the talent.

There are a lot of notes in these talents, and especially with the new Team Fight section which discusses how it changes your team fight, I feel it might be leading to bloating. I need feedback if this amount of information is what is wanted, or if I should do something else.

Swift Sweep is pretty good. It reduces one of the resources casting this spell takes: time. It's normally a rather slow cast speed (but not unbearably so, unlike Kael'thas's Pyroblast). Now it's not.
Teamfights: You can now be slightly more aggro with using this, especially in team fights/escapes, because you're not locked down for so long, and can't be as easily interrupted. This leads to more healing.
Synergies: Every Q talent. If you are facing a team for which blinds would be useful, bump this up a tier, because of Blinding Flash.
When to pick it: whenever the teams lack a frontline, really. Also if you don't have a good frontline that can keep divers off of you.

Increasing Clarity is very meh. I mean, it's not going to be that difficult to complete the quest, but you still run in to the problem that it's still unsafe to cast in team fights. Even completing the quest, it's not as though 150 bonus damage is going to typically be too impactful, as that's less than the damage of a second cast (see below). It would help push lanes. You're not a specialist though...
Synergies: Majestic Span increasing its area quite substantially, as well as its reach. It also works well with Energized Cord because this will now grant a good deal of extra energy on minion waves.

Righteous Assault is pretty powerful. You know how Swift Sweep reduces one of the resources the spell uses? Well, this is for the other one. Reducing the CD by 3 seconds per hero hit in the center (which is easy enough) is rather substantial. I have found limited success with this because it just doesn't fit my playstyle, and it is basically locking me down more, but I can tell that this is a very useful tool in the right hands.
Synergies: Majestic Span. More radius = much more area to hit with, making it easier to reset the CD.

Searing Light is my personal favorite. It's more of a guilty pleasure, honestly. The damage isn't that great (for most of the game), and this talent is slightly outperformed by the top 2 at this level. But it is most certainly not bad, or even underwhelming. And you remember when I mentioned that a later game heal could go for 9000 HP? Well, how's 'bout also adding 30% of that as damage to that HP swing?
Teamfight: DO NOT CHANGE YOUR APPROACH TO TEAM FIGHTS! I mean it! The damage is a nice side effect of your healing. This will not suddenly turn your heal in to something you will use for damage instead of healing!
Synergies: Any of your W talents.
When to pick it: When the enemy have a bunch of melee (3+), improve this talent by 1 tier, because they'd crowd around their target, getting extra value out of your damage.

Majestic Span is really, really good. 15% increased range alone is great. However, it also increases your area to hit people in by about ~30% because of geometry. It's mindless, but it gets the job done.
Synergies: If you haven't already figured this out, I don't think any guide will help.

Heavy Burden is cool, but rather situational. As I said when talking about Detainment Strike, this kinda of relies on an uneven level of skill when it comes to positioning to truly be effective, and that doesn't happen all too often. But, assuming that's the case, I'd say it's benefits are relatively minor, but if you're lucky, it will equate to taking a melee out of the fight for an extra second or so, on top of the stun.
Synergies: Repelling Strike makes the stun easier to land.
When to pick it: On a tight map with many walls, against melee comps who don't have multiple ways of engaging, or who's only engage is walking up to you, such as Johanna, or Leoric, because the slow will cause them more of a delay than an Illidan.

Repeated Offense is actually one of the worst talents she has, though not strictly because the talent itself is bad. I mean, you have to consistently have people mispositioning, and you have to be capitalizing on that. (As I said, that match doesn't tend to happen. Either you're both bad, or both good, generally speaking.) And once you've got the quest done...what do you get? The equivalent of an extra Q on the occasion that that you stun someone? It's nothing incredible, and it's unreliable.
Synergies: Repelling Strike makes the stun easier to land.
When to pick it: I mean, if you're an absolute boss at landing the stuns, then it's probably got some value. Else, just pass it up.

Bursting Light Simple. It lowers her cool down on her heal. Any other character, and this would probably be a top tier talent. As is, it's just a pretty decent one, because you rarely have people filling your energy pool fast enough for this to truly be getting extra healing out. That said, there are times when you just need a small heal immediately rather than a larger heal in 2 seconds.

Of course, most of those times are better solved by your ultimate, or Shield of Hope, than by panicking for your heal. And for the rest of the times, the cool down was not the problem. That doesn't mean it doesn't help. And who doesn't love more flexibility?

Glimmer of Hope is something I will not rate, because it is again a guilty pleasure of mine, which I manage to perform well with, despite being the single lowest win rate talent, according to hotslogs. I certainly don't pick it up on maps where globes aren't plentiful (such as battlefield of eternity, which pulls you away from the lanes for minutes at a time). But, in maps like Infernal Shrines, or Braxis Holdout, where the objective is basically in the lane, you can nearly double your healing output while contesting it. It's just amazing.
Synergies: It can really help stack up Reservoir of Hope. Literally almost doubling the rate at which you can stack it, which means more heals stored before fights, and larger HP swings mid-fight.

Empathic Link is a nice little talent. I mean, ideally, the one you're hatting isn't taking damage because often the best energy generators are ranged, but if you're in low ELO, or you simply have a terrible Auriel comp (and say, you're best target is a Sonya), then this is probably a solid choice.

Energized Cord is not bad, strictly speaking. It does help for maps with lots of small NPCs, like Infernal Shrines, who will just burst your energy pool with a good sweep. In general though, you probably don't want to be the one you're truly relying on for your energy, because you just don't have as much damage as a real assassin, and this won't suddenly turn you in to a self-sufficient archangel of invulnerability.

I'm getting so many flashbacks to Kael's ultimates, lol.

Resurrect got buffed! Too bad it didn't fix any of its problems. Just because of the way this ultimate works, it is fundamentally a "win more" ability. It won't save a team fight. Maybe everyone retreats, but there's just this one guy who got caught. Cool. You can revive him later...with a rather sizable cool down...when your other ultimate could probably have saved him in the first place, given your team time to regroup as the enemy positioned to kill him, recharge your energy pool so you can heal them as they come back, and damage the enemy all at the same time...on a shorter cool down!

What's this do? You very obviously mark a target to be revived in a couple seconds. Often times this just means "Hey, wanna die twice? I like watching you die!" In times where it's perfectly fine to resurrect someone? You've already won the team fight, and you didn't really need to revive them to win. You're just winning more. But again. You could probably have saved them, rather than reviving them. So even in that situation... (Now, if it revived them right beside Auriel, wherever she goes after marking them to be revived, then this would be of infinitely more value, but would still face getting hedged out by the competition.)

Crystal Aegis is a BAMF. Make someone invulnerable, denying the XP to the enemy. But wait! There's more! For a limited time only, you get to also damage your opponents in a massive area! Yeah, I already said my piece about this in the other ultimate's rant.

Team Fight: You will now want to use your Ult whenever someone is about to die, instead of instantly using your heal. If you are nearing maximum energy, heal them first, then wait for them to nearly die, and then ult, which lets you get the chance to have enough energy to heal them back up again.

Blinding Flash is OK in general. Blinding people in the center shot for a long time is great, and generally easy, and takes away a large amount of risk you take for using it in a teamfight.
When to pick it: If you are facing a team with large amounts of AA Damage, improve this by one tier. If that AA damage is also melee, improve this by 2 tiers instead.

Converging Force is again something I can not rate honestly. I just don't see the point to this. It's the tiniest of nudges that only happens if you hit on the outer edges of your Q. That's counter intuitive, even if it's not strictly hard. The only use I could see for it is interrupting channels. But you've already got your E, which does more than interrupt. Maybe in situations where there's a lot of things you must interrupt, and your team lacks CC because your warrior was an Arthas? I honestly don't know. It's got a damned good winrate though. This is like Kael'thas's Backdraft in that I have no idea how it even could be decent, let alone good.

Piercing Lash is a trap. Well...trap implies that it makes it seem good. It doesn't even seem good. Strictly speaking, it's not got a horrific winrate but that's likely got more to do with Auriel being close to 20 than this talent actually being worth while. So basically it allows you to (theoretically) hit about 3 Heroes if they were conga-lined right in front of you.

In around 30-40 games, I've had exactly 0 situations where this talent would have helped in the slightest, and I was looking for them, even when I didn't take this talent. The range and width of the skillshot makes this absolutely pointless. If this gets buffed and improved the range and/or width by 10-15%, then this would go up dramatically.

Repelling Strike is bloody good Want to make your stuns easier to hit? Want a better disengage? Well, improving the knockback on your E does just that.

Note: All of these talents are solid, and you can't really go wrong with any of them. Pick whichever you prefer.

Reservoir of Hope is pretty nice, if you took other synergizing talents. I like it particularly because I love huge burst healing and baiting people. This rewards that, and makes it even better. Remember, each tick of this infinitely-progressing quest can equate to an extra 375 HP stored before a fight.

Will of Heaven brings the hurt upon fools...with the right team. +20% attack speed to your hat target. This means more damage, which means more healing.
When to pick it: Only take this talent if your team can use it (duh). If you've got one such team, this goes up a whole two tiers. Stack this with an Illidan, Morales, Raynor, and Abathur to just rip through an enemy team.

Wrath of Heaven grants a modest damage boost to spell casters. +10% damage of spells. Of course, spells tend to more upfront damage than attacks.
When to pick this: When you have a Gul'dan...basically. Maybe also if you're good at predicting when your allies are going to burst people down with spells (see advanced trick for the passive, above), then this could also have some use for other spell casters. If you aren't, then just take Reservoir of Hope.

Congratulations, you probably won the game now. Every single talent here, even the upgrade to Resurrect, has at least a 60% winrate. You literally can not go wrong with any choice here.

Light Speed is bloody awesome. In fact, it basically makes up for the majority of the weaknesses of the baseline ultimate. You get half the CD refunded if your ally stays alive after reviving, and they get to move 3x as fast as normal!
When to pick this: If you aren't already losing your base by the time you're 20, this is a great upgrade to get. If you are losing, then...this drops 4 tiers. Even with this upgrade, the ultimate is still a "win more" ability. It won't bring you back from a loss.

Diamond Resolve grants 50 armor to your target. Since you are often using this on a low health target, you would think that this actually wouldn't give that much value...but you'd be forgetting that the baseline ability not only gives you time to generate energy for a huge heal, but also generates energy for you as well. You will, 9/10 times, save your target from death in the teamfight with this, which probably results in winning the teamfight and pushing the core.
When to pick this: Whenever your enemy has primarily single target damage, and does a good job focusing someone down.

Angelic Flight is...again...a talent I can not rate. I just straight up don't see the point. Its cast time is long, and you could already mount, so it's not like you can't get around the map easy enough. And you're giving up such great teamfight talents for....what might be a half decent split push talent? Maybe it's good if you lack the reflexes to ultimate yourself before dying, or you have trash positioning, and constantly get caught out, thus you can get back in to fights sooner? But death timers by this level are so long. Maybe if your team is trash and engages without you?

I don't see this as having any synergy with her kit at all....and yet it has the best win rate. What the hell? I mean, its pick rate is less than 6% in the upper divisions, and less than 10% overall, so clearly it's just useful in very specific circumstances, and I simply don't understand what those circumstances are. If someone does, please tell me.

Maybe for capping temples or shrines on Dragonshire or Sky Temple after acing the enemy, turning this in to a penultimate "win more" talent without investing in to it halfway through the game? That sounds right.

Shield of Hope grants a shield to everyone around you equal to a % of their missing health. That's pretty damned awesome. The more someone needs shielding, the more shielding they get. It also really synergizes with her burst healing/baiting playstyle. And with this, allies tend to be really aggro, as they know you'll save them even as they get low on health, meaning you get the bonus to
morale (which probably wins games more often than skill does) and they will keep feeding you energy.

When to pick: Whenever the enemy team either lacks focus, or has great AoE damage. You can also default to this if you took Resurrection, despite reading this guide. Maybe you misclicked. Who knows.

Synergies [Beta] Top

D.Va: From my limitted experience, she doesn't seem to have good damage, and is, after all, a warrior. She also really doesn't have much in the way of interupting people who want to kill you, so you'd probably want another warrior first. That said, she's probably the last to run, if she's still got her mech, and can kite backwards when things are looking bad, so it's not entirely detrimental to team with her.

Genji: This dude is determined to dodge your heals more than dodge the enemy. Screw this guy.

Cassia: Tanky (if they do proper orb walking) with some solid damage. I don't know what there isn't to appreciate. She's not the best assassin to have, but at least you'll get some value out of Empathic Link when she goes in.

Probius: Nothing special. His damage can be shut down relatively easily, and it isn't much anyway. But hey! He might pick a shield talent that'd block a single auto attack!

Lucio: He provides utility (speed) and helps supplement your burstier healing. You're not going wrong with picking him as double support, but you've already got AoE healing. Single target heals wouldprobably be a better supplement.

Valeera: She's a melee assassin, and doesn't do too much consistent damage outside of burst trades. Also, many people play valeera like a little bich and stay stealth all the time, not helping to clear lanes. You're not getting much energy off of her, and she doesn't need much help picking people off, though she's rather useless in team fights. I'd say she's a rather poor pick.

Zul'jin: I'd say this is actually a top tier assassin pick for Auriel, as far as synergy goes. Zul'jin likes to be low, and burst healing supports that. If your Auriel is bad, He also does quite a fair bit of damage.

Ragnaros: Melee assassin. But not a bad one. In fact, he generates some decent energy on minions. Nothing impressive, but it's there.

Varian: In quick match, this means you have a tank and the enemy does not, which means you win. Otherwise, well, he's a half decent tank...damned near impossible to invulnerable half the time, and has damage for when people just say "**** it" and want to ignore him and hit you. He's strong.

Samuro: His kit is toxic, so he was nerfed in to the ground. Nothing to see here.

Zarya: A ranged tank who's only peel is an ultimate. That said, if they take gravo-bomb thing, it can set up for some nice wombo combos, especially if you took the cool down reduction on sweep at level 1. She's fine. Not great.

Alarak: Depends on the balls the alarak has. If all he does is sit back and try to combo/poke people, he's nto really going to be generating much energy. Well, I guess this is generally true of all melee assassins, but it seems to be common with Alaraks.

Auriel: You're all ****ed.

Gul'dan: THE hero you want to have on your team. He does great damage, safely, and you can focus on your tanks who are the ones taking damage, because he can heal himself. Or you can act as an infinite battery for him so he never has to life drain. (I mean...why would he not? Not the point!)

Medivh: On voice comms? Awesome! You've got a medievh. If not, it's probably not the best pick. I mean, his invulnerability to others can be great, especially to combo off of your crystal aegis...but without communication, he probably does *actually* do all that much.

Chromie: Unreliable. Long range poke skill shots on long cool downs. Some Chromies are gods. Others are...well...gnomes.

Tracer: She's squishy snd likes to dive in to the enemies. Not a brilliant combination. Oh, and she's got 4 spells to help her dodge your heals.

Dehaka: I've not truly played enough with these guys to get a great unstanding, but he's pretty good at just being a body between you and the enemies. He's also got a half decent stun on his Q. He can heavily supplement your healing, or take someone out of the fight depending on his ult choices. It's rather solid.

Xul: He does great for generating out of teamfight healing for you. He's melee, and a specialist, so he's probably not going to help that much in-teamfight. But of course, it's Xul so he'll tilt the ever living bone out of the enemy team, and you will win, as they are too distracted by the million and one minions pushing bot side to realize you're full energy and just baited them in to a losing fight. (Too bad you own team probably didn't realize either.)

Li-Ming: Nice burst spells. Good ranged damage. Get a kill and she just explodes. She's a good pick in general. If you're good at rapidly swapping hat targets, then she's all the better.

Greymane: Wow. I forgot thsi guy existed. Um...Well, you see...he's a furry, so he's got great synergy.

Lunara: Great, great damage. I mean, it's not burst damage, so she will rarely be the one actually killing people (as the other team probably also has a healer), but if she spreads her poison out, she's generating a lot of energy for you. It's even better if she took the Splintered Spear instead of Nature's Culling at level 7. Mmm mm. So much energy. Of course, NC is better at dealing with monsters, but doesn't generate as much team fight energy.

Cho'Gall: Let's pretend he doesn't exist. He's the joke character in a game that's trying to take itself seriously.

Lt. Morales: Now this! This is a backup support. She provides spot healing for when someone's being focused down, as well as armor. And you can provide out of combat healing, burst healing and AoE, letting her not run completely OOM all the time...then agian...that's probably because idiots think the grenade is a poking tool. EVEN IN PLATINUM ELO!!!!

Rexxar: Well, he heals his own tank. He's got a deal of lock down. He's got a bit that you can appreciate of a tank. He's only really played by a dedicated player base, so his winrate is probably a bit inflated.

Kharazim: Bleh. What's he supposed to do? Provide AoE healing? You got that from range. Do it while being resource efficient? Only when he personally hits melee. He's like a worse Auriel who has to take risks.

Leoric: He's got a bit of self sustain, and decent damage especially with an enemy tank. He's got little in the way of lock down though. Take it as you will.

The Butcher: You might let him live long enough after his engage to start healing himself. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Johanna: She's got some half-decent CC, and a blind, which is lovely against AA teams. She doesn't really have any synergy with Auriel, but she's probably not bad. Her shield could make for even harder baits, let alone her level 20 talents.

Kael'thas: Well, I mean, he's still good, even if his diversity was gutted. (Yay for the future rework!) A half decent Kael'thas will still generate some good energy for you. A bad one will miss all his Q's, but it's hard to miss his ult (the good one anyway).

Sylvannus: Meh. If she's good for the map, she's a good pick. There's not much synergy. Doesn't really need to be.

Lost Vikings: Is actually incredibly good, if the enemy can't focus a single person, as they get 3x your normal healing. Not to mention you should have an XP advantage by having 4 people push mid while the vikings go and be annoying.

Thrall: Melee assassin. And I don't think he's a great one at that. I'd pass.

Jaina: Eh. Not great burst. Not great sustained damage. She's got soft CC I guess. Doesn't really do much for you as an Auriel.

Azmodan: You can help him stack his orb. If he goes laser build, he might do half way decent sustained damage if the enemy doesn't have a bunch of interupt.

Chen: No.

Rehgar: He's burst AoE healing. Hmm. I wonder what you are. Also, I may be mistaken, but I think you can cancel his Ancestral with your Crystal Aegis. Talk about the synergy!

Zagara: Well, she's annoying to lane opponenets. She can easily get some out-of-teamfight healing. She's not great for you, in general though.'

Murky: What's more annoying than almost killing a murky? Having him heal up from his bubble. What's more annoying than that? Almost killing him again, and having auriel healin him to full again. Murky is all about tilting people. He's not actually good. Make sure to B step repeatedly to try and maximize your advantage!

Brightwing: Well, she's got substandard AoE healing that she can't really control. You don't have a problem already healing out of teamfight.

Li Li: She's got sustained spot-healing. That's awesome. Some of her buffs were reverted, so she's not a mega monster anymore.

Tychus: Fairly high damage against tanks. It's probably not bad.

Valla: You've got better assassins for basically everything she does.

Tassadar: He has a shield that's been nerfed quite repeatedly. In theory, he's a good "spot-healer" for you as you generate energy.

Uther: By the holy light! Did you see that rework? He's a burst spot-healer, but also grants armor just for healing. And he's got a bit of damage and aoe healing on the side (which also grants armor). You will want to pick Shield of Hope instead of the Diamond Resolve if you play with him, to maximize the armor effect.

Nova: **** Nova.

Arthas: He moves in, and slows people. He's good against the team he's good against. He doesn't have any particularly synergies with Auriel except maybe getting the enemies to crowd around him with his slow, which makes for a half decent chance for Searing Light to get value.

Malfurion: Nice spot healing. It's over time though, so it's probably not best in team fights, and you already have out of teamfight healing covered. He can make it really hard to kill you, if he takes the healing ultimate. No one does though.

Sgt Hammer: She will generate some nice energy if she's kept protected. You can do it.

Nazeebo: His walls synergize with your knockback.

Falstad: Well, he's a thing.

Zeratul: Screw stealthies.

Gazlowe: What's he do again?

Diablo: Well, he's got a good set of peel. Too bad most people use it for damage. Also, his trait's next to useless.

ETC: I've not seen these played.

Tyrande: She's now an assassin with a bit of healing on the side. Not bad. I'd have to see more of her rework before I can tell if she's actually comparable with top tier energy generators.

Illidan: He dives away. You can't heal. He dies.

Kerrigan: She's a one trick pony. If she stuns, cool. If she doesn't, she's useless. Also, she's melee, and probably won't generate too much energy for you.

Raynor: Nice, safe range. Solid damage. Self Healing. Self Peel. He's definitely the number 1 noobie assassin. He won't impress anyone though. You probably won't have to worry about him at least.

Abathur: In the game of hats, you win or you die. There is no middle ground. If he goes Ultimate Evolution, he's pretty useful on your team.

Tyreal: His ultimate can bait people. And because you're all still low, they stay. Then you heal up and they realize they ****ed up. No peel though.

Muradin: Eh? Well, the stun is cool.

Sonya: If the rest of your team are warriors/supports, she's probably not a bad hat target.

Stitches: Gets *****es. Too bad he doesn't leave anyone satisfied.

Revision Notes Top

May 16: Got the synergies up and running. I will go format this soon.
May 9: MORE! God. Damned. Grammar! Why can I not just write up a good thing the first time? Also, adjusted some of the talents' rating colors to properly show situational usefulness, rather than going "this is really good because in this situation it's worth taking," which went against my synopsis for talent ratings.
May 8: Grammar corrections. I have also started a hero synergies write up in a notepad, which should be done in maybe a day or 2. This is to make up for me not really being able to see any enemies really being a "threat" to her, since she simply doesn't give a ****.
May 5: Spelling/grammar correction.
May 3: Released the guide.

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