The Tass-Train Lives by LiptonFive

The Tass-Train Lives

By: LiptonFive
Last Updated: Nov 22, 2014
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Build: The Tass-Train Lives

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The Talents Top

Talent 1 Pick the Overload for the 20% DMG buff it will help you out in the Laning phase and your push. I would not recommend picking anything else in the first Talent pick since none is viable for this build.

Talent 2 Pick the Healing Totem since it will help both you and your team to progress and pick of both Enemies and Objectives as well as Mercenaries. It is also Viable to pick Promote depending on how the game has progressed. If you have a strong advantage you can pick Promote to strengthen your push.

Talent 3 For this talent i often pick the Static Charge to increase my DMG when i push and in Team Fights. It gives you a big boost in DMG if you first hit them with your W and then with a Basic. You can also pick Calldown: MULE in case they have a strong push or big pressure on your lane.

Talent 4 Always pick the Archon since the Force Wall is COMPLETELY useless. No more arguments needed.

Talent 5 Pick the Shrink ray at almost all times since it will give you the advantage in 1v1 and in team fights it will make it easier to pick off their carry. Sometimes i pick Distortion Beam if i want the slow and we have a big level advantage since that will make it easier to pick of a fleeing Support or Tank.

Talent 6 I always pick the Second Strike since it gives you a extra W and it will help you in all situations. When pushing be sure to put them at two different locations to make as much Siege Damage as possible. You could also pick Resonation but only if you picked Shrink Ray and not if you picked Distortion Beam since you only need one of the two.

Talent 7 It´s time to upgrade the Archon.. to the next level and bring destruction to all of your foes! The Archon upgrade will slay everyone! Now it is times to go mayhem! Take it and just... THIS IS T***-TRAIN!!!

The Basics Top

First off, don´t think off Tassadar as a Support. I for one does not play Tassadar to Support my team. This is the way to Carry the game to Victory with Tassadar.

Tassadar is strong all the time, in every aspect of the game. He does DMG, Pushes and Heals. He is a all in one Hero.

Laning Phase

As we all know this is not the old MOBA game style we are use to, in this game its all about the Objectives and the Push. Use Tassadar in the beginning to push and harass the opponents in your lane. Use your W to Push and harras and use the Q and E to escape and protect.

Mid game
Use Tassadar in a way that helps the team but also get the DMG. When you get to level 10 Tassadar gets really strong. His Ultimate gives you an insane DMG and Sustain. Use the Shield on yourself to get a even bigger advantage and you will be able to 1v1 Everyone. Go for objectives and pick the enemies off one by one.

Late game
This is where Tassadar Shines. At Level 20 his Ultimate gets insane! The shield is 1200 and the Ultimate gives you another 1200 so you are as strong as an Assassin and as hard as a Tank! If you have an Abathur wich will help your game to the next level you can often solo 1v2 or 1v3. With an Abathur and a Healer such as Rehgar or Malfurion you will be able to go in 2v4 and still get out alive with around 2-3 kills! Use this new found power to slay the enemies as they try to take the objective and stomp their ***es.

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