This Devil's on Fire! by swegmaster

This Devil's on Fire!

By: swegmaster
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2016
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Build: This Devil's on Fire!

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Introduction Top

This Diablo build will be a fire stomp build focusing on Diablo's soul stone utility. I have tested this build with a few tweaks for the better part of two months and i have to say its great. This build took me from rank 25 to rank rank 9 in about a month. I currently have a 61% win rate with Diablo and if you want to see my stats go to Hotslogs and search Swegmaster. Now for the build: The ability for him to revive in 5 seconds is, as you can imagine, pretty powerful in the late game. Coupling this with Dying Breath can result in some crazy trading value. Dont be afraid to go ham as Diablo, however you need to know the line when it comes to diving; make sure your team is there before you engage.

The Goal Top

The main goal of Diablo with this build is very similar to the goal of an Ultimate Evolution clone from Ababthur. Your goal is to get in and trade positively, remembering that when you die you're back in 5 seconds. You should not try to die, and always make sure you take someone with you, but its not that big of a deal when you die. This utility makes Diablo great for grabbing the Dragon Knight or Garden Terror, since even if the whole enemy team is there to kill you, you'll be back in 5 seconds

The Strategy Top

Here is a quick synopsis of Diablo's role in a team fight: disruption. Your job is to get in the middle of their team and wreck there squishy assassins. When your team is looking to fight, don't just run into there team and die, that is not the point of this build. To initiate ALWAYS flip one of there team members in to the fiery blaze that is your team. You'd be surprised how fast your entire team can burst down even the tankiest hero. However, try to get their healer or main damage dealer, as the tank can typically escape and you want the kill to have a crippling effect on their team.

Tips and Tricks Top

One thing Diablo can do that many people seem to realize is the abilty to flip enemies into your teams gates. While most player will attempt to play around this, players in the Dragon Knight or Garden Terror seem to forget as they go ham on bases. With this flip, you can essentially destroy a dragon knight before they even get the gate. This tactic is also very important when you're defending a pushed lane. Flipping and charging enemies into your towers will usually get a kill, and from then on they will be more cautious around you and not push so hard. If you have any questions about the build, feel free to ask me and i will answer them to the best of my ability.

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