Thrall - U wanted DPS?? by Akaliel

Thrall - U wanted DPS??

By: Akaliel
Last Updated: Jun 26, 2015
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Thrall - DPS machine Top

When typically discussing high DPS heroes, Thrall is named down the list. The fact is that Thrall hit's hard, can escape battles easily when need be, has both good melee and ranged attacks, as well as a nice Root. His frostwolf resilience gives him the second wind when battle is heating up and when you need the health bonus most.

The build I've proposed focuses on Thralls strengths as a hard hitter. Choosing the two ferel spirit perks first is necessary as the game progresses, as it allows thrall to heal in battle more often and the extra range for the root can secure valuable kills. Seasoned Marksman is a first perk I will sometimes pick, and although the extra damage is good at end of match, you don't see the benefits early unless you do intense lane soaking.
From level 7 on, it's all about that damage. Follow through is a great finisher after the Windfury ability, Sundering or Earthquake can be used with this build, I personally use Sundering for the stuns on top of ferel spirit roots.

Giant Killer, Temptest Fury, and Nexus Blades put's an exclamation mark on Thrall's damage output making him the DPS hero needed in the most important stages of the match.

As far as Micro strategy with this build, Ferel Spirit is a good opener to get the frostwolf stacks and root, followed by an auto (follow through boost), as they un-root use Windfury to chase them down as they run, or to get more damage if they go toe-to-toe with you.. or you can use windfury to get the hell out of dodge if re-inforcements arrive. Finish with Chain lightening on a fleeing foe or to finish the job from safe distance.

Play around with this build, I think you'll be impressed with the damage by end of match.

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