Thrall Windfury Guide [Updated for Cho'gall's release] by Fladden

Thrall Windfury Guide [Updated for Cho'gall's release]

By: Fladden
Last Updated: Nov 21, 2015
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Hi guys Top

This is my personal Windfury guide for Thrall.
It is maybe not the strongest guide out here but I think it is one of the more balanced.
This guide is about having very strong auto-attacks and in the meantime having a good presence in the field.
I have focused on having good resource regeneration with his Frostwolf Resilience.
Be my guest and have a look. If you do not like it or having questions please due write it in the "Discussion section" so I can read it.

Tier 1. Top

Rabid Wolves

Good choice because it is giving you a upper-hand in early phase due to the healing that is given by .

Tier 2. Top

Mana Tide

This one is not the favorite talent to take here, most want to take the because it is giving you a big boost in damage, it is a very good execute. But I rather going with the therefor it is giving you some of you mana back (and that is very efficient for Thrall due to his mana hunger.) With this he can stay in the battlefield longer then usually, example to give the opportunity to your teammates to recall and restore health and mana.

Tier 3. Top

Wind Shear

This is a key-item here (and for many of the Thrall's guides.) This is a Windfury guide so you want to have your Windfury ready as much as possible.

Tier 4 Top



This one you need to choose by the teamcomps on both sides.
If you team having trouble and need some support you should take

Otherwise you should take . It is very good at initiate teamfights with the aoe stuns and getting them out of positions and ofcourse dealing pretty much damage.

Tier 5 Top

Grace of Air

This is where the and the really connects. is a talent for the skill and is very good because it is giving you twice as much stacks on when you are hitting with you and just because we took the talent in Tier 2 we are also gets 15 mana back every time is used.

Tier 6 Top

Tempest Fury

Do I really need to talk about this. The three more auto-attacks in the end is totally bananas. This is the main damage-source when you are going Windfury builds with Thrall.

Tier 7 (Final Talents) Top

Nexus Blades/Blink


you want to have if your hunger for damage is not satisfied yet. It is giving you 20% more auto-attack damage and the heroes you attacking is slowed 20% for 1 second.

Or if you want to be mobile and wants the option to get away from close enemies or getting close to a very low enemy hero and execute him or her you want to go with

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