To the 9 Hells with You Then! by Tonleigh

To the 9 Hells with You Then!

By: Tonleigh
Last Updated: Oct 28, 2015
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So, basically, you are a tank that deals high damage by level 20. Your main objective as Diablo is to charge forward (usually towards a squishier target, or a high priority target. Then, if possible, isolate that target from their team with your pick up ability. So, find your squishy target and Shadwo Charge them for the first stun. If wise to do so, Overpower that enemy to get them into your ranks of allies. Most of the time, the ult is the opening attack for Diablo, while your team floods past you to deal more damage and to keep them off of you if you are using Lightning Breath

The abilities are pretty straight forward as to why they are used. Diablo is a high targeted Tank, so early game, you want to collect souls and instead of needing 100 of them, you will only require 50 of them to respawn from death in only 5 seconds. Now, if you're team isn't the best, the next trait helps out, by periodically giving you souls. I use the next trait so that you can be very quickly and very often using your charge and pull back abilities, for every basic attack reduces the cooldowns by 0.50 seconds (or 1/2 second). This may not seem like much, but if you play as often as me, 0.50 seconds can cost a team fight or even a death of an ally or enemy. So, it can be very helpful. If that does not seem as helpful, i advise Soul Steal (as being the one in the trait list). This trait gives you health based off your souls collected, so it does reduce your health upon using souls, but if you have 100 souls at level 10, you have nearly 5K health that early. End game with 100 Souls, you get almost 8K health(level 20+). Anyways, so I prefer the Lightning Breath over Apocalypse, though both are great. If you are looking for more CC (combat/crowd control), go for the stuns. If you are looking for a high DPS (Damage per Second), go with the lightning breath. Again, Diablo is high target, so I always do it so that he can deal damage while healing, very great trait in most characters in my opinion. Now, this trait, I only use when going against high DPS characters, such as Valla, Butcher, Falstad, Zagara, etc. (and no, not the tank). If you don't see a high DPS person, it is best to use another trait, like Rampage or Continuous Overpower. My last trait, I tend to use is to gain some extra health from the enemies after that opening ult in the team fights. I believe it deals damage too, not 100% sure.

But there you have it, that is my Diablo Build. I enjoy playing him every time I use him, and this build has not messed me up, when played correcly. Hope you enjoy!


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