Tracer Bomber by Brysero

Tracer Bomber

By: Brysero
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2016
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Build: Tracer AoE Bomber

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Lvl 1 Pulse Strike Top

Pulse strike is a talent to charge your Ult, if you use it to poke enemy Champions you can use youre ult more often. => double the time = double the dmg

Pulse Strike ist für den anfang sehr gut zum poken, jedes mal wenn du dein "W" auf einen gengerischen Champion anwendest wir dein "R" um 5% mehr geladen, was ergibt, kürzere ladezeit = öfterden dmg raus hauen.

Hypothese: wenn du alle 6 sek dein W nutz,(347dmg) x10 = 3470 (150% charged) zusätzlich wird dein R auch durch Auto Hits geladen, bei einem zusätzlichen kontinuirerlichen beschuss hast du

alle 21,14 sek deine Ult(= 842dmg) ready

Lvl 4 Parting Gift Top

i chose this, because you could be trap't by Nova or Valla etc. in the jungle. if you ran in the an there is a nova just Recall and leave a present (3 bombs= 3 x 400 dmg) then you can chose:

1. is the enemy low HP? you got charge Ult? => jump in and RIP him down.
(if you got more than 60% its like charged fully cause it needs only to jump in and melee attack then you can use it)

COMBO : Q - W - R - Q (jump in plant jump out)

2. if the Recall wasn't enough dmg (against E.T.C., Leoric, Arthas , jump away, you got 3 charges no one got as much as you.

Untouchable is good too but if you die youre extra dmg of 30% is gone!!!!

Is that a health Pack?! only usable wehn youre behind and need to farm on your fort, because there is no healing fountain in the jungle and no extra dmg

Lvl 7 Bullet Time Top

with Bullet Time you just can use your blink more often. you can also take jumper to get one more charge

Lvl 10 Pulse Rounds or Quantum Spike Top

Pulse Rounds : AoE DMG + your Auto attacks charges it even more faster . 16 secs to recharge your ULT

Quantum Spike : Single target DMG + 10% of Max Health = DMG

in mid or late Game mostly youre enemy Team stick together then i think its better to punish all of them at once.

Lvl 13 Ricochet Top

there is nothing to explain , +50% Random DMG, Heroes preferred

Lvl 16 Locked and Loaded or Sleight of Hand Top

Locked and Loaded
if you can handle to reload every 4.3 secs you will to a lot of DMG but this is more for High ELO players

Sleight of Hand
is the easy way! you can focus on planting bombs and jumping out of enemy Range without thinking of :


but its your choice just test it

Lvl 20 Composition B Top

Well i dont know if i need to explaine this... 2 ULT BOMBS (1224 + 612 dmg) + AoE DMG

the whole enemy Team can be crushed in a team fight by E.T.C. + Tracer a little bite overstated i know you junst need a little more DMG just take Raynor or Valla in your teambb

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