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Tracer Locked and Loaded

By: teddified
Last Updated: Apr 21, 2016
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Build: Tracer - Locked and Loaded

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Hi Guys,

this is teddified with a new build for our beloved Tracer from Overwatch!

This build is focused around dealing a lot of Damage and in comparison to a lot of other builds this tries to deal as much AoE Damage as possible.

Slipstream - Level 1
On Level 1 Tracer has two good options to go for, either you go into Melee Talents and try to fully charge the Pulse Bomb as many times as possible or you go for Slipstream which helps you staying alive which also combos very well with our Storm Talent Total Recall (Level 20).

Untouchable - Level 4
Here we have 3 options which all have their spots to shine. The first one is Parting Gift , which is the go to talent when you don't feel like you can stay alive and keep those Untouchable stacks.
Then there is Is that a Health Pack?! which I would highly recommend if you don't have a Support on your team.
Untouchable is the way to go for this Build so you get the most Damage out of your Autoattacks and gets insanly strong when you get to Level 16!

Jumper - Level 7
Jumper is just a good Talent which is getting better when you want to have more distance between your last blink position and the Recall Position. This allows you to jump very deep and even into forts and keeps and be back to a very safe position in no time. Keep an eye on your Recall Cooldown thought!

Sticky Bomb - Level 10
The Ultimate is depending on your playstyle a lot, but for this Build where we want as much AoE Damage we need the increase of the radius. The Quantum Spike should just be picked when you want to go for a high single target Damage build or against a Tank heavy team. Last but not least the Pulse Rounds is very good with a build around Sleight of Hand on 16 which might be the go to build for most Tracer players but isn't very effective in this build.

Ricochet - Level 13
So far I think that Ricochet is underrestimated by a lot of people. This gives us the most Damage against a group of enemys rather they are Heroes, Minions or Mercenaries. Bullet Spray is a very cool Talent which makes landing your Melee a lot easier and increase your Damage output by a lot when you have a hard time landing Melee during fights. Leeching Rounds is a good way to selfsustain during fights but what bothered me a lot is that it's not that easy to get a lot of Healing out when you can't stay very long quite close to an enemy due to Tracers short Autoattack range. I am still not sure if it's a good Talent when you already have a Support in your team.

Locked and Loaded - Level 16
This is where all comes together with Locked and Loaded . This is an insane increase in Damage! I know it's a really hard talent to get the hang of but it really pays off. Tracer doesn't have a lot of time to stay close to enemies and if you are you deal a massive amount of Damagethis way.
Sleight of Hand needs the whole Build to Combo with this one to really shine. (Bullet time on 7 and Pulse Rounds on 10)
Focus Fire has its biggest weakness with the time you have to stay in one spot. Keep an eye on you Magazine when you choose this talent because you won't feel much changing when you don't get the last shot off.

Total Recall - Level 20
On this Talent tier this is by far the most attractive choice. It makes it even easier to go deep to deal that insane amount of Damage and then call back to full health (nor always full tho). The other options are not at all pickable at least for me. Tried them didn't like them.

For this Build you have to get the hang of that Locked and Loaded because that's basically the namesake of this Build. When you go into fights be sure to have all your Blinks ready. Blink in once or twice to get into position deal Damage use the third blink to reposition and reload and the last one to get back into the fight. Recall is your Continue Button and always keep an eye on its Cooldown. Best advice for Locked and Loaded is to not look at the bar but reconise when it appears and get a feeling for pressing it shortly after. When you missed and have time shoot walls or minions to get that bonus and try to have it for the next Fight.

If you want to watch me Play just come by have a good time, leave a like and subscribe.

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