Tychus Findlay-- Hell, it's about damn time! by DatWaben

Tychus Findlay-- Hell, it's about damn time!

By: DatWaben
Last Updated: Apr 2, 2016
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Build: Spray and pray!

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Fury of the Tychus Top

Tychus is a heavy damage dealer with powerful and deadly abilities, Overkill allows him to kite and damage heroes at full speed while Frag Grenade and Run and Gun allow him an easy way to keep even faster heroes at bay.

Talents in this guide will be graded with a certain color, RED=Extremely Situational, YELLOW= Situational, GREEN= A solid pick/

TIER 1--
Shrug It Off Is the best talent of tier one because it gives you the ability to continue dishing out damage after the enemy team begins attacking you, it also gives you a slight boost in survivability when kiting.

Press the Advantage is okay, but for the most part you will be able to kite any hero that might try and kill you, making the additional range almost useless. However, it can be used to help kill mages and other ranged heroes.
Dash Is absolutely horrible, you are farming for a length boost in Run and Gun along with a small movement speed boost. Even at full stacks you barely notice it.

Combat Tactician Is also a good talent, but the resistance given from Run and Gun is much more useful. You will likely make little use of the reduced CDs on run and gun simply because you shouldn't need them if you are playing the character correctly, however, newer Tychus players could use this to help fix positioning.


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