U run - i stun! by Intruder

U run - i stun!

By: Intruder
Last Updated: Jun 4, 2015
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Just a quick Guide. Top

Hey guys.
Im Intruder, and id like to help you out, how to Play Johanna.

Now, first of, i gotta admit, i didnt Play too many games with here yet. But, i pretty much quickly realized what build fits her best, and a 100% winrate doesnt lie.
Just as Little proof, im talking about HL - Soloqueue btw. without a premade:
Well, Johanna is rly easy to Play. I usually dont Play tanks, but in Johannas case, i cant resist. :)

Standard Situation is pretty easy: Group of NMEs, u try to get Close to them, u should try to have them all in front of you, not them surrounding u, then u use ur "W". this will get them all in ur reach, be quick and do a "A" on them to slow them down, now its time for ur "E" to blind them.
If u hit that Combo, ur Team has a big Advantage. Slow, and blind NMEs arent very strong NMEs and this should be good to take some out.
If u get in Trouble use ur Special Ability to get unstopable and gain a shield. Also Laws of Hope gained at Lvl 4 to regen some HP quickly. These both abylities make Johanna a pain in the *** to kill off.

Now, for your ULTI.. Theres 2 ways to use them. Either to catch some low NMEs trying to run, or to get away when ur in Trouble.
Its pretty much like Illidans ulti, you cast it somewhere and you "spawn there" but a bit mixed up with Tyrs ability when he dies - meaning, u can still move with it when its activated.
Since Johanna has no real escape, u can use her ulti to do so. Its up to you. But think about it. If ur about to kill of some NMEs, use it to get them. If its pretty hopeless to kill em, use it to get away.

I will update this guide, once i played more games, and my 100% winstreak ended. (Hopefully not too soon ;) )

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