Ultimate Pushing and Pressure Sylvanas by SarationSoul

Ultimate Pushing and Pressure Sylvanas

By: SarationSoul
Last Updated: Nov 22, 2015
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Build: Sylvanas solo laning and Pressure

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Introduction and Point of the Build Top

Hello Guys, my Name is SarationSoul or Jadefalcon when ingame. The last few Days I experimented with one of my favourite Specialists. Quite a lot of People seem to think that Sylvanas is an Assassin and in a strange kind of way i would agree to this, but where real Assassins destroy their Enemies in 1v1 or Teamcombat, Sylvanas totally devastates her Enemies Forts and Buildings.

To make it very clear: This Build is not based on fighting the Enemy directly! It's pointed to push Lanes that are underprotected and put Pressure on the opponent Team. When Sylvanas is about to destroy a whole Lane singlehanded in a matter of seconds the Enemy has to react, thats what protects your base and your allied players.

Another very valuble Opportunity of Sylvanas is the fact that she's able to turn Enemy Mercs to her Side what puts even more Pressure on the Opponent team.

I highly suggest a good teamplay to make this Build most effective. Random teams may not work good enough together to give Sylvanas the Opportunity to take every of her advantages.

Sylvanas' Abilitys and Trait Top

Withering Fire: The first of your most used Abilitys. Withering Fire will help you to attack everything no matter if you push a lane or ancounter a Teamcombat. Also it's highly enhanced by the talents listed below.

Shadow Dagger: The second Ability wich you should use very often whenever you encounter enemy heros. Shadow Dagger will inflict every enemy in Range around the first target with a nice little DoT. It's very valuble to use even against Forts when you get the Cold Embrace talent.

Haunting Wave: This Ability is not really for attacking, though its great for escaping heros when they are trying to gank you. Just use it to teleport behind a wall to bring some Space between you and your opponents.

Black Arrows: This is Sylvanas Trait. Every Autoattack and Ability will stun Minions, Mercs and even structures for one second what gives her the perfect tool to destroy enemy Forts. Obviously she's able to take every Merccamp alone to enhance her laning even more.

Build Top

Tier 1:
In your first Tier of talents you want to choose With the Wind for it gives u a bit of a Distance to everything that wants to hurt you, beside it perfectly synergises with Evasive Fire.
Barbed Shot is kind of an Alternative if you want to blow up Groups of Minions and Mercs faster, but with your Level 10 heroic Ability it lacks of good Use.

Tier 2:
2 talents are valuble in this Tier. Paralysis and Overflowing Quiver both are good Talents and it depends a bit of the Situation and of your own favor what you choose.
Paralysis is very good if you want to have a longer and better control over bigger Miniongroups or Siegebreaker mercs.
Overflowing Quiver will give you more and faster damage against all Types of enemys, especially in huge Groups of Minions when you're encountered by heros.

Tier 3:
Unstable Poison is definitely the best talent in this Tier. The Explosions will affect every Enemy Minion, Merc, Hero and Structure within its Range so you`re able to destroy Forts very fast and even get a good amount of damage against heros within Minion Groups.
Life Drain is an Option here if you want to play with a slightly higher survivability.

Tier 4:
For this is a Build to push the Enemy, Possession is the talent of Choice. You will be able to collect huge Groups of Minions to attack the opponent Bases. Obviously your teams Bases will be spared by the enemys Minions so you`ve got a good talent to defend too.
The defend/attack-bonus for your team will be even higher when you hit lvl 20. Dark Lady's Call will turn Enemy Mercs on your Teams Side. This is an insane Advantage, for the opponent team will loose the upper hand on a Lane they want to attack with mercs.

Tier 5:
I mentioned before that i will choose Evasive Fire here. First Reason is the perfect Synergy with With the Wind and the second Reason is that, in my Opinion, it's the best talent to escape Enemy heros if you have to. I think the only one who'll able to chase you down is the Butcher with his charge but even then it`s possible to escape him.
A third Reason what i think is an advantage, is the Opportunity to switch lanes very fast without mount.

Tier 6:
Their is no Alterative to Cold Embrace here. It'll make you devastate Enemy Forts even faster, it'll support your team against enemy Heros in Teamcombat for the Damagebonus will inflict every hero in range and it'll gives you an Advantage in 1v1 Fights because most players suggest to flee when they're made vulnerable.

Tier 7:
I explained the Use of Dark Lads's Call in Tier 4 so no need of it here. Though an Alternative here could be Fury of the Storm for teamcombat, but since this Build is not made for teamcombat i would not suggest using it.

Last Words Top

Thanks for using my Guide Guys. I hope you liked it and think of using it in your next party with Sylvanas in Heroes of the Storm.
I would appreciate if you vote for me. If there are any Questions to my tactics or intentions with this Build feel free to contact me under the Battletag: Jadefalcon#2378.
I'm looking forward to see other players using my playstile and i'll see you in the Nexus!

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