Uther - The BaneBringer by izzack

Uther - The BaneBringer

By: izzack
Last Updated: May 28, 2015
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Build: LockDown Master

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Build Explanation Top

This build is called The Banebringer or sometimes I call it Assassin hater. Reason for that is simple, you can lock down their diving heroes for 3.5 SECOND. In that time, they will do nothing but die, and turn the tides of every battle. Are you asking how it is possible for such a long time? Carry on reading and I will explain it little bit further below. But to be so OP, there is THE OTHER SIDE. This build is quite difficult to use it to its full potential, as it has a lot of active talents...to be more precise 4 exactly.

Abilities Top

This is Uther's trait. Just like Tyrael's trait, it doesn't have any use when you are alive, but if you die, you can keep on running around for 10 second and still heal your team-mates with Flash of Light. Decent heal only with 1.5 sec CD. Good trait, but only useable when you die. =/

Quite ok ability for healing. What I don't recommend though, is spamming it early on as it takes a lot of mana. (90 mana)

Very good heal/damage spell that goes in a line. If you position yourself well enough, you can heal multiple team-mates as well as damage multiple enemies. It costs 65 mana, so I recommend it as your main healing tool early on.

Your one man stun for 1 second. You can use it defensively, to stun enemies when they are chasing, or you can use it offensively in teamfight to lock someone down. This build is working around this spell, and this spell gets full power at level 16. Explained further below.

I will explain ultimates in talent overview.

Talents Top

Level 1 talent
- This is basically your only choice at level 1. You desperately need mana regen for spamming your heals and stuns. So try to pick up health globes, but don't die over it, not worth.

Level 4 talent
- Amazing talent, top tier in any support build. Can save lives. First active talent so don't forget to use it.

Level 7 talent
- I recommend this talent. When someone gets CC'd, use it on him and he is free to go again. Or if you know someone is gonna get CC'd, use it on him, because it prevents CC aplication for 1 sec.
- If this build has a lot of active talents for you, consider taking this talent. After 1 sec stun from your Hammer of Justice, target is slowed for 30% for 2 seconds. Can't go wrong with this talent.

Level 10 talent
Ultimate selection
- 1,5 second stun for all enemies around you. If you are not affraid to go a bit deep at the right moment and can stun 2 or more people, it's just amazing. The radius isn't large though, so you need to get used to it. At level 20 you can upgrade it and stun radius is large and rewarding. I tend to go for this talent, because this build is focus on lock down targets. It does quite moderate damage too. I'm gonna talk about stun combo's below talent section.

- You can make your friendly hero invulnerable for 3 seconds and their movement speed is increased by 20%. People usually go for this ultimate, but I personally would pick this talent only, if enemy team has just 1 diver (tank) and rest of them are in the back, so you wouldn't be able to reach them with Divine Storm.

Level 14 talent
- My personal favorite active talent on supports. It can shut down their attack based heroes and slow down their fleeting heroes. Just amazing. Quite funny to use it on Diablo to see small pet Diablo. =D It is your third active talent.

Level 17 talent
- Just amazing talent. This is the main bread and butter of this build. Double stuns with Hammer of Justice? Yes please. Will explain below talent selection why this talent is so important in this build. Fourth and last active talent.

Level 20 talent
- If you decided to go for this build, then you have to take this upgrade for your Divine Storm. Now you will have increased radius of stun for 50% and lowered CD. More often and more people stunned.


So now what remains to talk about is the combo. So if you see someone who tends to dive your team, like slippery Zeratul, Illidan, Thrall, Kerrigan or whoever who dares so, use your Benediction talent and stun them with your Hammer of Justice. Thanks to Benediction your Hammer of Justice will be ready again, so use it again and if that's not enough, use Divine Storm. So if you can time it well, you can perma stun one target for exactly 3.5 seconds. What I want to say is, that Illidan, Zeratul,...will be dead before they do anything and say "That sucks". So straight away 5v4 fight you can't lose with your heals and talents like Protective Shield and Shrink Ray.

Like Abathur would say. Problem...Analyzed...Problem...Solved.

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