Uther the Light Bomb by Bllinkz

Uther the Light Bomb

By: Bllinkz
Last Updated: Jan 8, 2015
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Build: Great Damage, medium Support

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Introduction Top

My name is Max and im from French Part of Canada, therefore english is my second langage so give me a chance XD

My favorite build for him is to focus on damage talents. Enemy players tend to think Uther just as a normal support and walk by him him without thinking and suddently they die.

He can deliver a huge amount of damage on squishy hero like nova, vala, illidan, etc using Divine Storm, Holy Light, Hammer of Justice and Holy Radiance when taking the right talents.

Here is my proposition :

Level Talent
1 ----> Conjurer's Pursuit
3 ----> Fist of Justice
7 ----> Holy Devotion
10 ----> Divine Storm
13 ----> Burning Rage
16 ----> Holy Shock
20 ----> Resurgence of the Storm
More details in the next chapter ...

Talents Top

Conjurer's Pursuit
You really need the extra mana regen at the end of mid game and the rest. Uthers' spells cost lot of mana and is mana amount is low. Therefore, if you want to have a good and active presence on the battlefield later, you need that talent.

Fist of Justice
This one make you a real pain in the *** for the other team. Your are able to stun a hero around every 4 seconds. Really good in poursuit and teamfight

Holy Devotion
Well Well Well. This talent look wierd, but it is extremely powerful. With it, youre able to do tons of damage even after your death or heal teamate.

Divine Storm (Ultimate)
This is the ult to take. It will allow you to deliver a high amount of damage if you combine it with your other spells in less then a second.

Burning Rage
I take this talent most of the time, it help a lot clearing waves or capturing objectives and obviously, kill enemies. Another possibility is Shrink Ray, but I take it rarely and only againts a high damage hero like nova or nazeebo.

Holy Shock
You absolutely need to take this talent. Without it, you dont do enough damage. The key is to know when to heal a friendly and when to damage someone.

Resurgence of the Storm
I love this talent. It make you really present and active on the battlefield. You can come back really fast and go heal your wounded allies or finish off low enemies.

Early Game Top

Early in the game, try to choose a lane with a partner that can do damage. 2 supports aint good.
Afterward, you must focus on gathering health orb to increase youre mana regen. If by 13 minutes you have 7 points in the talent (3 orbs for one point), youre are doing great.

Mid Game Top

At the middle of the game, continu to gather orbs, but you have to follow the battlefield. Focus on where is your teamate rather then completing objectives alone. You are still a support.

Late Game Top


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