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By: danilkinho
Last Updated: Aug 24, 2015
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Uther tanker is always viable in compositions with 2 killers 1 support and a tanker, or 3 carryes, well he plays the role of tanker due to hold their useful talents damage, in addition to healing for you own and allies ,.
For him work is necessary to have another support the team, can be a Malfurion or Lili even rhegar to ensure good sustain, of to be a Tassadar or Tyrande, but for the team to stay stocky even I mentioned before are the best.
Following the above listed build, you will see that at the level 7 opt for "Holy Fire", the reason is that you need to stay on the frontline, with 2 brackets on the team and one tanker you in the middle of the struggle can remain and cause quite CC and damage the enemies, of the damage is due to the help of this talent, the ultimate divine storm is more viable now because as tanker need to impose group control for your carryes play the role of them cause damage as well as being an excellent desengage and engage!
At level 16 Imposing talent presence is only viable if the enemy team has, valla, butcher, raynor, illidan as an example and also others who need attack speed to cause much of his damage while playing against a composite of magicians, Kaelthas, Jain, nazeebo, this talent is not more important than the talent benediction because it will ensure more healing and cc for you, thus supplying not choose the level of talent 1 conjurer's pursuit.
If comportanto as I said before will certainly have a good performance with uther tanker, make sure that your team will have the requirements, another healer for example.
Sorry for the mistakes I used the translator, I hope to help

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