Uther's Ultimate support build (Updated for Buther patch) by Vivaldi

Uther's Ultimate support build (Updated for Buther patch)

By: Vivaldi
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2015
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Build: Support

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Threats to Uther with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Illidan Illidan is no threat to Uther during team fights. Uther can effectively lock down Illidan, the team will do the rest of the work.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
E.T.C. ETC is a dangerous hero to stay close too due to his ultimate. Because of Uther's short stun distance you'll find yourself in melee combat quite often. Don't do this when ETC is around.
  No Threat
Brightwing Brightwing will be hard to lock down or kill due to blink heal and polymorph unless Brightwing is the last enemy standing, it's better to avoid attacking him.
Malfurion Malfurion is only dangerous when he decides to run with the silencing ultimate. When Uther is silence you lose all utility.
Jaina A well played Jaina will destroy Uther. Uther will have no way of connecting to Jaina and will slowly die.

Introduction Top

Hi everyone,

After playing many games on Uther and becoming rank 1 playing as support I thought I would share the build I use on Uther. Keep in mind this guide is written to play Uther as the ultimate support hero. The goal of building this way is to add as much utility to Uther as possible.

Sorry if the guide contains language errors, English is not my main language.

Thank you for reading my guide. I will add more content to the guide if requested in the comments.

if you want to see me play or have any questions please visit my stream:



Overview of Uther Top

Uther Also known as Uther the Lightbringer is a known figure from the Warcraft universe where he has taken on the role of Paladin. In Heroes of the Storm Uther is mainly played as a Support hero.

When playing Uther you will notice there are many pros and some cons. I will write down the Pros and cons linked to Uther and the build I'm suggesting to use.

Uther has high burst healing (From the benediction talent)
Uther is able to interupt ultimates or stop engages through stuns
Uther offers more utility than other supports (through this build)
Uther When killed in the battlefield you will appear as a ghost to continue healing (passive skill)

Uther will not do high damage
Uther is quite mana hungry and will run out of mana if fights persist too long
Uther has long cooldowns when compared to other healers
Uther has no strong Area of effect healing like Brightwing, Reghar or Malfurion

Usher's core abilities (focussed on this build) Top

Holy Light is used by Uther in order to heal allies for a substantial amount. When you reach level 20 this heal will heal for roughly 1000. It is essential that you target the correct person with this heal since the cooldown is quite long. (12 seconds) (Q)

Holy Radiance is used by Uther and will have a double use for Uther players. Mostly you will use it in addition to Holy Light in order to keep your allies healed up. However since Holy Radiance is a skillshot that can also harm enemies you can use it to do damage also. It's very helpful if you hit an enemy who is in stealth like Zeratul or Nova (W)

Hammer of Justice is a double edged blade for Uther, this ability will not do high damage, however it will stun the target making it good for locking down a target or interrupting certain abilities like an ultimate from Valla. The downside of this ability however is the short range, forcing Uther to actively engage in the battle. When playing Make sure you factor in the risk of interrupting/locking down an enemy versus the risk of dying in battle. (E)

Divine Shield is key to this ultimate support build. With more people learning the game and knowing to target the squishies first being able to break an engage and turn the battle around is essential. Divine Shield will allow carries to survive being jumped or it will grant your tank a safe engage so your team can position themselves right. (While Divine Storm is an amazing ability, it is too risky to engage in melee battle most of the time) (R)

Eternal Devotion is the passive ability that, upon death, will make Uther turn in to a ghost. For the next 10 seconds Uther is untargettable can now cast Flash of Light on allies. (Passive)

Reasoning behind Talent choices Top

Again, all talent choices made are done in order to give as much utility to Uther as possible.

Fist of Justice is always my talent of choice. conjuror's persuit is handy if you're burning through a lot of mana. However, I feel that taking the Fist of Justice Talent forces you to play careful and make the correct choice of when to use mana. Furthermore, the lower stun cooldown will help in both early and late game. (LEVEL 1)

Protective Shield is an obvious choice for any Uther player. This is mostly due to the scaling it does in to the late game. 15% of the target HP as a shield on a fairly short cooldown is essential to have in providing utility for your team. Furthermore, the other talent picks are only beneficial to yourself which does not outweigh the usefulness of Protective Shield. (LEVEL 4)

Cleanse is without a doubt the talent of choice when choosing the level 7 talent. Cleanse will be able to save lives of your carry or tank whenever they get themselves in to a bad position or just get locked down by the enemy. Cleanse Will keep your carry or tank going for a bit longer and has a short cooldown. (a good timed Cleanse can win games) (LEVEL 7)

Divine Shield the most important utility you will offer as Uther. Divine Shield will save your allies at times the would've normally died or it can secure your tank with a safe engage. Make sure you communicate with your tank before an engage or with a Jaina Ice Block before you use Divine Shield. Don't make a Divine Shield go to waste! (LEVEL 10)

Shrink Ray This talent right here is the bane of any champion who is going for a kill or is simply trying to run away. A well timed Shrink Ray can completely disrupt a team fight and significantly reduce the damage your team will receive if placed on Valla for instance. (LEVEL 13)
Benediction is the perfect talent for Uther because of the long cooldowns on the standard basic abilities. This talent is used when a team fight is about to start. By activating this talent, you can use Holy Light in rapid succession of each other and heal for roughly 2000 in a timeframe of 3 seconds. This is great because, with all the other utility talents and skills it will make the focus target very hard to kill. (LEVEL 16)
Storm Shield is the hardest talent pick of all. this is mostly because you need to make the choice between utility for yourself, for one player or the whole team. You see many Uther players choose Redemption Which is a great talent also, however, I don't like to set myself up to die. This leaves Bulwark of Light. Bulwark of Light is a helpful talent if you find yourself dependant on Divine Shield a lot. I personally however feel that Storm Shield brings the most utility to the team and can absorb a full engage of the enemy team. (LEVEL 20)

Playstyle (Added if requested) Top

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