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V[all]a the Takedowns

By: erindine
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2015
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Build: All Hail Multishot

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Passive Top

Hatred is a stack that increases your damage (by 2%) and movement speed (by 1%) with each stack, up to 10 stacks. It is quite nice, especially if (when) you take Battle Momentum at level 16.

Basic Abilities Top

Hungering Arrow is a skill shot, that shoots a target, and then finds two other targets to hit. If there are not two other targets, it will hit one repetitively. It's fairly weak with this build.
Multishot sends arrows out in a cone shape, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. These arrows do not stop at first hit. Multishot is your primary ability for this build (thus the clever title "All Hail Multishot").
Vault is a dash, that allows you to move in a direction quickly (but not through or over obstacles). Proper use of Vault is what will separate you from a mediocre to excellent Valla player. You will almost always use it to disengage, unless of course there is a kill you can get by vaulting in (just don't be that thirsty assassin who gets baited).

Ult: Strafe or Rain of Vengeance? Top

The debate between Rain of Vengeance and Strafe are pretty much 50/50. Here are some pros and cons of both.

Strafe is good for the Multishot build, mostly because it focuses on AoE damage. While in Strafe, you can still use your Vault to change positioning and stay out of trouble (as it is interupptable). Make sure to be careful when taking this ult when you have a Tyrael or Illidan on the opposing team, as you will die (almost instantly) if they get a hold of you.
Rain of Vengeance = Team Fight Potential. That's it. Insane team fight potential. Especially if you have a hero like Tyrande or Raynor on your team, so you can combo a high damage ultimate with a high area stun (sort of an E.T.C. mosh pit effect). However, it does not do nearly as much damage as Strafe.

Early Game Top

Valla laning phase is quite good, especially in solo lanes, if you use her correctly. The combination of Composite Arrows and Arsenal make you better in lane, and make you a wave clear monster. Keep in mind that if you use Multishot frivolously, you will have mana problems, and you will have a difficult time early game. Be mindful of you mana and take advantage of your sippy cup (healing fountain).

The most important thing about early game Valla is positioning. While Vault is a great escape, a well-placed Nova or a Stitches hook can really screw you over if you aren't careful. Use the minion waves to your advantage, avoiding skill shots. Be mindful of early game ganks, as Valla scales quickly (and if the opposing team knows it, they will optimize on your mistakes, especially if you over extend or play too aggressively).

Battle Momentum is the most viable choice for your tier 3 talents. While Caltrops has its situational use, later on you'll make up for it with Frost Shot. Also, Battle Momentum allows you to reduce the cooldown of Multishot half a second every time you hit a basic attack. Never underestimate this power spike, it adds up very quickly, and is the best choice for the Multishot build.

Remember, early game Valla is not a survivable hero, so just be careful and watch positioning.

Mid Game Top

Valla is a good mid game heroes as her poke and high aoe damage gives her potential to harass a lane or focus on objectives.

Despite her mid game power spike, positioning is still vital. When it comes to Valla, it's better safe than sorry (your team will never win a 4v5 without you, and you do no damage when you're dead). The loss of Valla will likely lead to falling behind in experience or losing important mid game objectives.

Level 16, Blood for Blood gives you increased survivability (as Valla has close to none).

**Note: Executioner is also viable, but I would only take it in a team where someone else has taken Blood for Blood, so you can combo your abilities.

Late Game Top

For level 20 talents, you have a choice. I almost always take Bolt of the Storm, but you can choose Nexus Frenzy if you feel it best to have that distance. Use your discretion. The reason I like Bolt of the Storm, is the quick escape for nasty situations ( Vault can't get you out of a body block or over a thick wall).

If your team is ahead at this point, your job is simple, kill. If I haven't said it enough, again, watch your positioning, you are still squishy and a high priority target.

If your team is behind, be extra careful of positioning, and make sure to help your team with objectives as well as clearing pushed in lanes. You have really great wave clear, so if you're not in a teamfight, you're probably the best to go back to base and fix whatever got messed up.

Teamfights Top

As Valla, with a good team comp, you're likely the top, or near top damage dealer and burst damage, so make sure to focus on targeting. No matter how obnoxious and in your face that Muradin is, Janna is right behind him, Blizzrd-ing your team to death, and should be focused down immediately. Always target the squishy high damage (or high heals - like Li Li - first). However, do not sacrifice your positioning to reach these targets.

Who is the Beautiful Lady to Bring you this Guide? Top

My name is Rose or "Hold," I have played video games for years and years, but I'm quite new to Heroes of the Storm. This is my second MOBA after League of Legends. I am also a youtube vlogger, actress, tae kwon do instructor, and cellist. I always love meeting new people and gaming, so if you have questions or just want to play: let me know!

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